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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Going Shopping

Welcome to Fran Drescher's closet.
Okay, true, they're flats, not spiked stilettos.
And they ARE comfortable enough for today's retail adventure.
We're going to  make some new friends today.
 Savannah wants a bedroom make over.
 Where better to start that process than a store with several full homes set up and decorated?
 You can start by wandering in the back door and into my bright, shiny dream kitchen.
A few touches of sparkling blue glass and a tin lizard or two and it's perfect.
 Need to freshen up? Right down the hall is a powder room with no peeling, fire streaked wallpaper.
Man, I'd just put that wallpaper up too.
 I love this shallow sink.
It's wide enough for two people jockeying for morning prep space.
 I bought two of these bases dirt cheap,
and I have two salvaged slabs of marble earmarked for them.
All I need are the perfect bowls to drill and convert.

 We'll wander through alternative furniture.
Maybe the college girl needs more of a studio, like her brothers?
 We want a grown up space, but fanciful lighting is a birthright around here.
 Her room is tiny, so wall storage is something we're considering.
This option is hip, adult, and doesn't compete visually for attention.
 Hidden, surprise lighting to emphasize and showcase.
 And some accessories to cool the space down.
She needs some accents that scream, "Childhood is ova, yo!"
 Green is essential to make the tight slice of real estate seem alive.
 Larger things used sparingly make an area live big.
A statement plant would give it an expansive feel.
This would stay vertically compact while shooting upward.
 Curves are organic, and keeping a pallet simple also expands the room.
(I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about, huh?)
We're talking deeper blues, like a storm touched sky, with white to lighten it up.
 the kitschy Goth lamps, surfboard art, the Hannah Montana linens and seaside motifs are out,
 but the Bohemian sequined pillows, sari fabrics, and crystal chandeliers are staying.
We just need some inspiration imported directly from Sweden.
Headed for IKEA,
If not back, avenge death.
(Someone change out this rug please. I mean, yuck!)


Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

"Fanciful lighting is a birthright" you crack me up!! Oh I long for an IKEA almost as much as I long for the sea. Can't wait to see what you come home with and what you do with it!

~PJ said...

If you're like me that probably means that you won't be back for a few days, luckily they have a food court *hint* if you flirt just a leetle bit the guy checking you out at the food court will probably give you your food at the employee discount rate. Or else that guy hit the wrong buttong but still, made this chunky married lady feel awesomely epic! said...

One of my FAVORITE places!!