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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Step Two and a Half

 There has been a considerable amount of hiding in the last couple of days.
It seems as if everyone is taking cover. 
Why, you might ask?
The Redhead may be a tad testy given the week's events.
For those of you not keeping track, we started the week with a simple project 
which should have been a two day tutorial, tops.
 Now if only our bench had come with hardware.
Mostly undaunted, we ended up assembling this badly made beast
at the hardware store.
It merely took 8 hours.
 I was pleased with my new minivan.
Very pleased.
 Until we parked at an intersection and didn't move without the aid of a tow truck.
 I left a short list on the visor of what I expected to be fixed.
Imagine my surprise when I was told my list was completely off base.
What needs replacing?
Oh, a little inconsequential thing I like to call....
You might think this would make concentrating on the project at hand easier, 
and you'd be somewhat correct,
if it hadn't rained all day yesterday.

  I did have the boys haul the bench indoors.

 And we peeled the reverse stencils off the backing...
...placing them on the surface of the bench...
...which is good for one...
 ...maybe two...
...but certainly not three, shots...
 ...four is stretching it...
 ...five is intolerable... six it's blatantly obvious...
 ...that I'm just faking a post.
I've got nothing.
(Image thanks to Tara)
 Now, mind you, we do have a motto around here, and we stick to it.
Tomorrow, I solemnly swear to have an actual post.
And things ARE looking up.
The car lot was kind enough to loan me a vehicle for the week.
Raise your hand if you've been around here long enough to remember this is what I used to drive.
Do I love older Durangos?
Will I keep this one instead?
Can I get back to you on that?
I need to break out the lime green Rustoleum.


Unknown said...

Best of luck- some weeks are just no good from the git-go. Bound to get better from here!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh I'm getting an idea of how that bench is going to look...can't wait to see it! As for the you name loaners too??