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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Blackboard Bungle

Today's post is brought to you by I Can't Believe It's Not Wine!
Can't drink Merlot?
Just say Mer-no!

 I like not taping.
I like low commitment.
 And who doesn't need a little more space to jot vital information, right?
 Just outside the kitchen, in our evolving Family Communication Station, and I had an epiphany.
 Labels come in LOTS of sizes!
 Like, you know...
 ...8 1/2" by 11"!
 Be still my scheming heart.
 We're going to take 3 sheets of this bad stuff outside to the work bench.
 Haul out your nasty, rusted can of Chalkboard Paint by Krylon.
 Start spraying.
 In 20 minutes, give it a second coat.
Order some Chinese food.
No it's not part of the project, I just like Herb and Garlic Wings.
 Once you're done eating and the dishes are going,
retrieve your now dry sheets of chalkboard!
 Peel off the backs...
 And there you go, one chalkboard!
 Each of the children will get one for their schedules so I know 
who needs to be where, when, and why.
 So take this constant...
 ...add special events, clubs, and meetings...
 ...sprinkle in some magnetic board door for college offers
(all three are sophomores, so we're wading and weeding the choices for the sheepskin.)...
...and you have collegiate organization!
One more element, and this area is done.
I'm not too familiar with that word.
 Well this calls for a glass of wine!
Yep, still non-alcoholic.


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Fabulous idea!! How's the college wading and weeding going for three?

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Genius! And this is why you are my hero! Well...that and the fact that you have 3 minions in college!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Great infomercial! So COOL! You should be on tv . . . another Vanna! BTW, I still can't get enough of your Z Gallerie Hack-Offs. Check out what I made recently:

Della said...

This is really, really clever! I'll have to pass this idea down to my daughter. My grandkids are in middle school and grade school and always have somewhere to be.