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Monday, August 6, 2012

Continued Kitchen Capers

The trip to IKEA was a pure success, which we'll get to.
Unexpected things came home too,
 like this GRUNDTAL wall shelf in stainless steel for $14.99.

 I also napped two packs of these GRUNDTAL S-hook in stainless steel a steal at $2.99  / 5 pack.

Samwow and I tackled another wall of the kitchen makeover.
 In about 15 minutes and 21 bucks flat, I had a pot rack.
 Dinner was a breeze to prepare last night.
All I had to do was wander over and oh! There's the perfect saucepan!
And oooo! Here's the lid!
 We moved another complimentary shelf above it, so now all of our
made over Christmas and oatmeal boxes filled with tealights,
straws, napkins and such are within easy reach.
 And this shelving design brings forth two of my favorite words:
 A little close up of the hot lid-in-slot action.
 Now, my antique heart pine cabinet that we store spices in need to go back up.
 Let's make this easy:
Draw a level pencil line on the wall where you want the cabinet.
Take a look at or choose your hanging hardware.
Here we have 3 sawtooth hangers.
 Put a piece of painter's tape across the back of the cabinet under the hangers or the hanging holes,
whatever you're working with.
Mark the tape where each hanger is.
 When you're done, remove the tape carefully...
 ...and smooth it on the wall below your level line.
 Now put your anchors and screws in at each mark!
How easy was that???
Works like a charm every time.
 So one more area of the kitchen is DONE.
Organized, storage packed, and convenient.
 What more could you want?
$21 is well within budget too.
And thank goodness we're done...
 ...all that drilling has kept Mama Kitty from her beauty sleep.
Now turn off that light.
You've never gone to sleep with a good book before?


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

What a great pot rack idea! I would have never thought to use that shelf that way! You are the queen! Nice to see those cool boxes I admired last spring too!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

That corner is looking really good! The "lids in a slot" is a cool idea . . . and is very handy! Can't wait for more.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Thanks for the tip on hanging things ~ it's a brilliant idea. Love the shelves, Ikea has so many great things. The kitchen is really coming out well.

Della said...

I wish I had room to do this! What a fantastic idea! My kitchen is so small with no open walls to speak of. Your kitchen is looking quite spectacular!