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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Piggies in Paradise

There's a few weeks left.
A few glorious days of heat, sun, water, and casual style.
Your toes are all groomed to seasonal perfection and would like several more bare days.
If you have a couple strips of fabric, I have a new favorite 15 minute trick
that has my shoes and beach bag matching every time.
The first thing you'll need is a pair of flip flops with no style.
And let's face it, those plastic straps don't scream "ergonomic".
Most places have them on clearance now too!
That's cheap enough to own as many as you'd like.
Load up on rubber goodness.
First, flip the flops over and take your rattiest pair of craft scissors and snip
off those rubber buttons that hold the straps on.
Now you have a perfect blank canvas.
Resist the urge to initiate a rubber slap fight.
It's childish and beneath you...
I'll be using some scraps of one of my favorite tasty tropical fabrics.
Cut 4 strips about 3" by 18".
Measure loosely.
I measured after I cut so I could give you measurements.
For the first sandal, twist two strips together and form a point.
Insert this through the top of the sole and pull it through.
Tie this in a quick knot, pulling it very tight.
Bring the strips together and cross them to tie a loose knot.
Tuck in any raw edges.
Slip the strips between your toes to measure how high up the knot should be.
It should be on the top of your foot for comfort.
Tie three more knots all in a row.
Next, guide those two loose ends into the two remaining strap holes.
Slip your tootsies in again.
You're getting a custom fit on these, Baby!
Tie knots in the ends of the side straps under the shoe,
and trim all of the excess fabric ends on the bottom.
Tuck the knots into the wells the rubber buttons sat it.
You now have a pair of custom fitted, pretty summer flip flops!
If you make your own totes, you could match them up and be
 a coordinated bargain diva.
Mine match my Summer Mom Bag and my shopping cart.
Even Smidgeon thinks that's going way too far.
Yes, I have a cat as my Feline Fashion Overlord.
Is that as sad as it sounds?
(She IS stylin' though.)


Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Your flip flops are REALLY COOL! I have material cut from the bottom of some summer dresses (I'm short) I could transform the flip flops into a wonderful tropical look. Can't wait to try this out!

Della said...

I must stock up on rubber flip flops. I never buy them, I always buy the kind with cloth straps of some kind. Now I can get the cheap ones and upcycle them into something that won't hurt my feet. What a great idea!

Michelle L. said...

Love this! I never wear flip flops 'cause the strap hurts my delicate feets. But I bet I could wear these...gonna try. thanks, Sunny!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Pinned it to my "Genius!" board...because it's genius!

Katherine said...

OK, brilliant! I was so nervous when you snipped off that little rubber thing off the bottom but you made them so much better! (PS. You should share this over at my party!!!)