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Thursday, August 9, 2012

One More Z Gallerie Hack!

 We interrupt the completely normal, sane, average, this-could-happen-to-anyone things
 that happen on LIR for a very important message! 
 Do you remember when Gail from Purple Hues and Me
 did this little hack?
She took the Z Gallerie tea light holder I've been coveting...
 ...and made it out of melted plastic spoons!
 Shut the front door!
I've been eying my canister of picnic cutlery ever since.

Now, there was one hack I was dying to do, but I couldn't make it cost effective.
And you know I'm a bottom line kind of gal.
 But who could resist this bowl???
Picture it at Christmas, filled with clear glass balls like seafoam,
frothing with opulence!
I needed it, badly, and thank God so did Gail.
So now I get to hack the hacking hacker's hack!
Check this out:
 A wire star form.
Conventional enough, right?
Perhaps even a tad predictable.
At this point, I could easily believe Gail is a nice, normal person.
Someone we'd hide the medieval weapon collection from.
Why, I'd even tidy up if she was coming over.
 The rest, however, sounds like something I would do.
She covered the forms and herself with a pulp made from toilet paper...
...and let them dry in the hot sun.
My neighbors are going to be thrilled, I tell you.
 Then she clamped them together with adhesive.
Which is MUCH less weird than clamping dried animals together,
so I'm feeling better about this.
 And sprayed them silver.
Savannah, steal Grandma's stash of Charmin, we've got a bowl to make!
For the actual, normal, much more informative tutorial,
go visit Gail HERE. She's only got 6 followers right now, so she's one of the best
kept secrets in the blogosphere.
Join now and claim serious insight points when she goes viral~
and that's going to be soon!
We now return you to our regularly scheduled project,
regrettably already in progress.
Please don't call PETA.


Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Thanks Sunny for the SHOUT OUT!!! You are so poetically creative (among other things) and so, so, funny! Thanks why I love your blog!!!

Michelle L. said...

Quite amazing result! With such simple materials. Really great one!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I loved Gails starfish bowl and I'm happy to be one of her followers! She does some great stuff!