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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Never Leave the House Without Clean Drawers

Your mother never told you that?
 I have really been enjoying all the recycled drawer projects on the internet.
 Since I needed inexpensive (read that as "free") accessories for kitchen storage,
I started watching my favorite store (read that as "neighborhood trash")
for some drawers to use in my evil plans.
 And I did find several.
Once I had about a dozen, I added them to my stash of mismatched baskets,
wine crates, and 90% off Christmas boxes and headed for the workshop.
 A little Rustoleum in Spa Blue, Gloss White, and Apple Green
should coordinate this mess nicely.
 Wine gift boxes make GREAT kitchen storage, but we'll get to that.

 Your drawers should be in varying sizes, but make sure they are solid wood.
Be a little picky about what garbage you dig out and throw in the car, okay?

 Three coats of your color of choice will do it.
 I'm not sponsored by Rustoleum or anything, I simply love the product for several reasons:
1. The color choices are immense.
2. It has primer already in it. Skip a step? Don't mind if I do!
3. It now covers anything from metal to plastic, so I can paint almost any surface to match
 4. Cats enjoy "huffing" it.
 5. No, we did not get Hugs high. We swear. Put down the phone.
Next, I used stainless steel restaurant style storage shelving.
 Add your newly painted goodies.
 Embellishments and tags give boxes a finished look, and I know where 
my linen napkins are in a jiffy.
 The drawers are perfect for heavy items, like sets of dishes.
 (I still have to hit IKEA for matching handles)
We distressed the fronts a bit just for fun.
 *Hazy, bad photo of dessert plates safely stored*
I still have some crates and drawers that will be climbing the walls, and
we promise to share the how to on that too!


Unknown said...

Brilliant! (Now, if only I had the space to put some shelving...)

Michelle L. said...

Well Jeez! This is so simple and I never thought of it and I see drawers alllll the time just hanging out on curbs! I love it, Sunny!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh my gosh! I have these same kinds of items stacked so precariously it's like Jenga, only dangerous. I gotta get some good shelving!