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Friday, March 22, 2013

Totally Tripping at IKEA

Besties, I have a confession:
I lied to you as if we were married.
 Okay, well, I knew I'd run out of gas yesterday before getting the centerpiece
 all staged and in the can, so tomorrow, I WILL roll it out for your weekend decorating scramble.
Why am I such a lax bowl of lazy?
We closed on the house!
Mom has a new address!
 I dragged her to IKEA, and while there, I found the perfect pulls and knobs for a couple of projects.
 $2.99 for a six pack of the acrylic pulls,
 $1.99 for 6 of the knobs,
and oh....the colors!
 They also had this craft room set up, which had my boots skidding to a dead halt.
 Hello, Lover...
 I love the tandem desks for side by side creativity,
although Savannah may need a taller table.
 I already have the totes slated for hanging on the wall.
And do you see the fabric?
On a rod?
Held up by clip rings?
I got a few ideas for the flavor of the room too.
Try not to faint from shock, k?
 The real reason we were there is my mother's existing kitchen is a cave.
She wanted something cottage and bright, and was glancing at the big box store selections.
Let's pay half of that, shall we?

  Here's little exercise for you:
Go to your cabinets, sit in a chair, and get something from the very back.
Oh, and you are NOT allowed to lean over.
At all.
 Or stand up, quite frankly.
 What if everything you needed had to be in front, and at lap level?
 Makes you think, doesn't it?
 My mother hadn't even thought of this, since she doesn't cook at my house,
and being disabled is a new experience.
 IKEA has so many great options, including pantry sliders, and an online
kitchen planning tool so she can build it from the ground up,
that this remodel will basically design itself!
So we got busy with that.
 What did come home yesterday is the DAVE laptop desk for $19.99.
I've been perching in bed trying to work with a board on my lap,
because here at Life in Rehab, we are nothing if not professional.
 DAVE may even help me stay on schedule.
Now, about that centerpiece...

1 comment:

Keri {One Mama's Daily Drama} said...

Ooh, I did that with our desks in the living room/office and I love it! My desk and the kids' desk are back to back in the middle of the room. All of the zillion computer cords disappear between them, making it all look *somewhat* less cluttered. Of course we have much less space than Ikea...