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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Lady Guinevere

Renaissance Festivals...ever been to one?
It's been a family affair for us for two decades.
I used to make our costumes every year.
Okay, I still do.
I am not in any way responsible for this though.
The designs are elaborate snippets of fantasy that are just FUN.
You can be whomever you choose.
Feel like joining in, but the idea of creating a costume seems daunting,
not to mention pricey?
Well, let's fix that, shall we?
making her design available to anyone.
I think we can all admit, it's pretty cool.
All you need are two twin size sheets from Walmart in your choice of colors,
and some trims!
No pattern even!
Savannah had the basic dress stitched up in two hours flat.
 I used Disney Princess Tinkerbell gems by the yard in two different sizes.
tacked them along the hems, then stitched jump rings to the shoulders,
attached lobster claw clasps to a rope of pearls and clipped them on.
 The princess trim is in plastic, so it washes easily.
The pearls obviously come right off.
 The tiny sized trim is on the full length of the sleeve opening.
 I simply double stitched between every other gem.
How did it turn out?
Let's call in our team of Princess Stylists to find out!
You really need experts in the field for the right effect.
 And who better to create the Princess Look than an 8 year old girl?
Choose a willing victim model...
 ...and let's just make him extra pretty!
 Ladies and gentlemen, my son, "Princess Sophia."
 The earrings really make it, don't they?
 This demonstrates how the gown flatters any body type.
Perhaps a little too well.
 Somewhere, there's a psychologist who will be sending his children to college
via the proceeds of this experience. looks pretty good on a woman too.
So if there's a Renaissance Festival in your area soon,
whip up this little number.
It ran us $12 to throw together!
 The sheets drape nicely, and they make it ready to wear straight out of the dryer.
Plus, let's face it...even at 52, being a princess is kinda fun, huh?
 And wouldn't you look grand at an Irish Festival this weekend?


Michelle L. said...

Looove that pattern! The wide sleeves are so cool, and I love it with the leather belt in that last pic.

"Princess Sophia" is a rock god. Love that guy, how sweet is he???

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

We go to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire every year! Every year I say that this is the year Im going to go in costume. Maybe THIS is the year!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh my! Princess Sophia is a gem for sure! That is one fabulous gown...but I think I like it best on you! What fun!

MJ said...

Looks like great fun! and well done on the dress, it looks lovely on you both :) bit envious on the weather though, it's snowing here!