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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Going Shopping...for an Easter Centerpiece!

Okay, here are my reasons why you should put that coffee in a travel mug,
get your purse, and hit the Dollar Tree.
Not NOW.
Read the post first.
And for the love of God, get dressed.
 Okay, if you were paying attention and felt like it,
you made THIS.
 Then maybe this week, you made THIS...
...and perhaps were inspired to make THIS
 This week, my wonderful, beautiful, ethereal, intelligent niece is coming,
so Savannah and I decided to make sure the house exuded
 Easter splendor!
Oh, sister's coming too.
(Totally, kidding, Jennifer!)
Grab your list, this huge Easter tree was a delicious pittance
like $12 to create!
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide as needed.
Eight adorable gift boxes to a package.
One package of paper grass, a dollar.
Okay, I'm going to stop saying the prices.
It's all a buck.
Heather Rodman, fix your email.
I want to reply to your comments, but girl, you are a NO Reply.
I am not going to write complicated sounding instructions.
Quite frankly, this is too easy.

How long have I had this?
There's a Rag Shop tag on it.
Uh huh.
16 tiny Easter baskets, $5.
I like that.

At 3 for a dollar... can set your heart aflutter.

We had a few extra chocolate eggs.
Wait...what the hell is "extra" chocolate???
I did NOT mean you.
Don't give me that look.

Fun to decorate.
Delicious to take apart.
Sticks from the yard in a vase are a decorating bargain!
And if you paint them to match some inexpensive lighted branches,
your arrangement has a more natural look.
Not to mention,
Headed for Mom's house.
If not back, avenge death.
(Oh do I have an update for you!)


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Best Easter Tree EVer! Seriously stunning!

Unknown said...

That is GREAT- love the splashing about of baskets of goodies, although they'd last all of about 35 seconds, at Casa Rodman....
Wonder why the email doesn't work??? Will check the ol' blogger settings, but in the meantime, here's a place to get back to me: . (Might as well post it here- not like it's going to be private much longer anyway, LOL!) *Giggle* Sorry 'bout that!