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Monday, March 18, 2013

Progress Report: Mom's House

When first we saw my mother's new home...
 ...the master bath looked like....well, THIS.
We decided very quickly only the toilet could stay.
 The shower stall was a good size, but it was a step down.
We widened the doors first.
 Then we built a deck in the stall and sealed it,
making it possible for Mom to roll right in without
getting out of her wheelchair.
 This thing is next on the hit list.
 Dated and damaged, even I don't see a way to save it.
 You can see straight through the mirror to the textured wall!!!
 I think we'll just hand Thom a sledgehammer.
 Meanwhile, I'll assemble this beachy babe.
 The matchstick blinds went.
Seriously, in a shower?
As did the attractive, unmatched shower curtains on a rusty, broken rod.
 We put up plain white waterproof curtains instead to all of her front
windows will have matching treatments as her street view.
 It'll also look a whole lot better once we paint.
 This color is throughout the house,
 giving it dull, 90's Southwestern feel.
We have paint chips and flooring samples aplenty in soft, seashore shades.
 So come on back, because we're just getting started!


Unknown said...

I do not envy you the degree of sweat that this one's going to take- but I'll bet it'll be wonderful, when you're done! Keep on truckin'....

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You guys are just crazy busy all the time! Love that your mom can just roll right in! I'm also loving that slim sink cabinet.

Michelle L. said...

Ooh ooh ooh! The shower step-down fill-in is so fantastic, Sunny! Amazing solution.