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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey Ya'll, Fix This: Plumb Crazy

 I may very well be the only woman in the world who installs plumbing in 
a strapless bra and french twist updo.
Repairs are still happening at my house, like replacing the cruddy, falling apart
tub fixtures, not to mention the pipe assembly...
After some study and planning, as well as the step-by-step written instructions
and supply list supplied by my very handy BFF, Michael,
I sounded the attack!
We'll be using this shiny, sleek chrome set to replace...
shut up.
So get ready to learn how to open up a wall, cut copper pipes, and sweat 
joints with a creme brulee torch!
Sure, we're crazy, but what do you care?
It's not your house!
So join us in a couple of days, when we'll hear young Samwow say,
"Hey Mom, I'm gonna go empty the closet bucket!"
This has been another 
White Trash Moment in Home Repair History,
 brought to you by Sunny's Life in Rehab, 
the blog you're ashamed to admit you follow!
Here, take my card...


Danni@SiloHillFarm said... are by far the cutest plumber ever...second...who would be ashamed to admit they follow you?! I love that you will tackle anything! So awesome!

Unknown said...

Hoo boy- best of luck! Been there, and failed at go, girl!