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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Progress Report

 Ready to take a peek inside at the progress over at my mother's new place?
 Well waddle on in!
We've actually gotten quite a bit done!
Let's head in here first.
The bedroom is nearly unpacked and settled.

I hated getting the furniture all in place before taking a crowbar to that
thing on the wall, but it can't all get done at once.

We got all of the furniture washed and oiled.

And we found her linens, cleaned them, and the bed is made.
You know, mundane, non-creative stuff.

The bathroom fixtures are all repaired, so it's at least functioning.
I hung a curtain rod across the width of the master bath
since the shower space itself is open, and I'll be whipping up a matching valance,
then some pillow covers for the rocker in the bedroom from the remnants
of the fabric to tie the rooms together.
I'm dying to get rid of the adobe paint in here in favor of something more coastal.
The living room is starting to take shape.
Those hideous blinds are on today's hit list
All of the out dated fixtures are coming down.
 We have a great drum shade chandelier to replace this thing,
which is wayyyy too big for the dining room.
The broken porch light came down, and a pineapple fixture took its place.
Next, the mismatched house numbers are getting pried off the wall.
Mom has picked out some new flooring too, a vinyl plank
that mimics wood, but it'll be much easier for her to take care of.
The dining room is ready for its first use.
We also nearly have the office unpacked.
I'll have more progress to report in a couple of days.
And hopefully, something more fun to show you!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Yay for you guys- good start! Your mom's really lucky to have you-all. It's going to be awesome!