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Friday, March 8, 2013

A Wee Bit o' Irish!

The following video clip contains some harsh language, violence,
Mel Gibson, and men wearing more makeup than a Kardashian.
Not suitable for small children or the easily offended,
although if you're easily offended, I'm kind of wondering how you ended up over here
in the first place.

Saint Patrick's Day.
One day a year when we all set aside our nationalities and colors in favor of green.
My children are human melting pots.
Under "Race or Ethnicity" on forms they check off
"All of the Above."
So when March rolls around, we like to add a touch of Irish to the decor.
 It was also definitely time to change out the hearts and sparkly birds on the
lighted twig tree. Really, it was past time.
 Hit the Dollar Tree and grab 2 packages of glittered foam Shamrocks.
You'll also need a hole punch and some ribbon or string.
The dye is just on the table.
I did the couch slipcovers that day too.
No lounging and eating bonbons for me.
 Okay, easy stuff.
Punch a hole in the Shamrock.
 Thread through some ribbon.
Tie a bow.
Hang on existing tree.
I know, this was labor intensive, difficult, expensive,
 and beyond the capabilities of most crafters,
but it produces heirloom quality ornaments!
Fine, it was embarrassingly simple.
I like embarrassingly simple.
There are days when just making something is nearly impossible.

Remember to look exhausted when your family sees it.
Claim to have applied the glitter by hand.

1 comment:

Michelle L. said...

Also claim to have grown the pulpwood tree, chopped it down, pulverized it, pressed it into cardstock and hand cut each shamrock.

So wait - all my lounging and bonbon eating is why nothing gets done around my house? If only I had known!

The tree looks sweet - love the interchangeable potted branch decor!