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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recycled Seed Starters

Ready Made Magazine had this awesomely cool idea for sprouting seeds in their latest issue, and Eric
 over at My First Garage did this the same weekend I did, but he took his a step further. If you can't get a hold of a wine crate, definitely check out his tutorial on how to make perfectly sized wooden boxes.

To make 4 seed cups, you will need one full sized sheet of newspaper. Cut it in half horizontally, the cut each of those strips horizontally.

 Roll the newspaper around a small glass wit straight sides, keeping it cylindrical.

Tape the sides, then fold one end in to form a bottom and tape it shut. 
You now have a free seed cup! These take about 30 seconds to make. In fact, I spent more time convincing Savannah to fill them with dirt while Thom and I cranked them out. 
Wine crates are a huge favorite of mine for projects. They look good, they're sturdy, and most of the time they're free for the asking. Call your local wine merchants and ask. A shout out here to Crown Wine and 
Liquors for always having these on hand for me.

I put an old plastic tray in the bottom, labeled each cup with a Sharpie, and then put my little seeds to bed. 

Leftover seeds went into snack sized ziplock bags to stay dry in this tropical humidity.

The cool thing is, those little cups can go directly into the soil when my seedlings are big enough to transplant. No waste whatsoever. No additional purchases. FREE.

I am, however, out of tape.

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