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Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Job, New Garbage

So, here's the thing: since I changed jobs, I have to train a whole new office full of people not to throw anything away before running it by me. Luckily, my worst addiction (outside of my spouse) is coffee, so I was there when this swell dispenser box was about to be sentenced to the landfill.
You'll need:
A box similar to this
Hot glue
Rocks, tile scraps, or something to weight the box
Spray paint
Embellishments. I used shells, seaglass, marbles, and ribbon

First, we're going to hot glue some stones to the bottom of the box to weigh it down and give it some stability.
Nice and heavy.
 Spray paint in your choice of turquoise. I mean color.
 I then cut off the short flaps on the sides with an exacto knife.
 Hot glue ribbon around the top edge and then decorate to suit your decor.
Punch holes in the top center of the two remaining flaps.
 Stuff with plastic grocery bags.

 Thread a ribbon through the two holes and tie it in a bow.
This is going in my downstairs bathroom next to the Feline Overlords' Powder Room, which Savannah scoops into the afore mentioned grocery bags. You could also use it in the kitchen. I figure the convenience may cut down on the amount of grousing from the young lady with the odious chore.

But I doubt it.

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

How do you do it? My brain would never "go there" have so much creativity!! So clever and cute (and functional).

-heather (hanging head in shame)

Life in Rehab said...

*Laughs* Thanks Heather! I'll be happy when I can show off where I envision it!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's official. You're the cardboard trash queen!

I've been trying like crazy to find some envelope boxes because I am DYING to make cute storage with them for my new craft room!

Unknown said...

Wow - I am *SO* impressed. How do you do it?! :)

Life in Rehab said...


If you do, you have to share! I hope the move is going okay.


I think your new granite countertop trumps my creamer box!