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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inspiration Point: Crate and Barrel

My husband.
 I love him.
Truly, with all of my heart. A romantic, epic love for the ages. A bodice ripper novel in the making. He makes my knees weak, makes me giggle like a girl, talks me into things no sane woman would do.

Like going to Crate and Barrel to buy a food processor.
My 25 year old La Machine was not good enough, evidently, and he had a gift card burning a hole in his jeans, so off we went to replace my offending appliance with "Oooooo, SHINY!"
Bad photo, sorry, but I'm a very cute reflection.
I fell in love with this. Tell me that key lime green isn't me! And since I have a huge tiny problem with coffee, it may have been worth it... someone with a whole lot more expansive checkbook. This has to go on clearance sometime.
 I loved the bright vibe of this display. Oh yes, I am in fiesta mode.

Can this be my patio? I'll have to work on that.
Savannah and I actually both stopped and drooled over this display of tealight holders. The colors just burst. But we both saw the same thing: a line of these going down a yellow runner, filled with water, and each holding a single blossom snipped just beneath the head. 
This will be mine. Oh, it will. But I promise, the price tag will be VERY different.

The Cuisinart? They're having some alone time at the moment. Yes, he got it. And tomorrow, that man owes me some blog time.


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Love me some C & B!!! And I also have a huge (tiny?) problem with coffee. Lime green is so you!

Isn't Inspiration Point where they used to go make out on Happy Days? Just sayin.....

Life in Rehab said...

Please, girl, you're already in Rehab! And yes, you caught the reference! I'm a child of the 70's, when we remembered the 50's and homaged it with Happy Days. Well done!