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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last One, I Promise

This little beauty has been with me for two years. It was imported directly from Sweden!

Okay, fine. It's from IKEA.
Our upstairs bathroom has no linen closet, and we all shower there, so towels and such needed storage. My solution? Wire shelves high enough that my 6'3" husband had plenty of clearance. That, however, means Savannah and I needed something to stand on to get to them.
As I was starting this makeover, Savannah leaned out the door and asked what I was planning. I'd already painted all of the accessories and baskets in that bathroom. "I was thinking aqua."
"Really, Mom? I kind of like the wood grain on that one."
Your wish is my command.

First, a very light spray of Gloss Aqua; I let that sit for 5 minutes and then wiped it off with a rag. After 15 minutes, I gave it another light spray and immediately wiped it down again. After an hour, it got 2 coats of Gloss Clear for protection against the dampness in there, and I declared it done!
The effect was exactly what I was hoping for, with the grain showing through like it was merely washed. Very beachy.
It has an almost weathered look.
I'm not sure if I have my daughter's approval, but I'm sure if she didn't like it, I'd know.


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Uhh yeah like duh of course you'd know. :)
Imported from Sweden, I'll have to remember that one. I import a lot of things from there myself.

Life in Rehab said...

*Grins* By the way, I LOVED your disclaimer after my pinching comment on your blog!

Room to Inspire said...

I must admit, I import a few things from Sweden each year as well! It turned out very nice - I like how the finish turned out...beachy indeed!


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

And bar stools? How can this be the last one? Like ever?

lol on my disclaimer.

Life in Rehab said...'s not. The rest are in...wait for it...STORAGE!

Chelsea, I was on pins and needles waiting for IKEA, and man, is it awesome!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Did you just get an IKEA?

Life in Rehab said...

It just opened 3 years ago. I practically slept on the sidewalk.