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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Treat Yourself

So, as far as what I got at The Container Store, it was these two huge jars, which I honestly considered turning into lamps. But I have the stuff for another lamp project. What I didn't have was dog treat storage. And Princess Arwen does have a selection of treats at any given time because she will refuse to sit for it if you choose the "wrong" one.


Now, these were fine on their own, but that's not my style. I needed a third jar, and a pickle jar we had just emptied fit the bill nicely. I spray painted its lid so it wouldn't look like I was giving my dog dill treats. I went ahead and sprayed some spaghetti sauce jar lids which are headed for another project as long as I was at it.
Then I nabbed a piece of cardboard that backed a poster (you throw that kind of thing away? Seriously?), measured two rectangles, cut them out and punched holes in the corners. These got a coat of Krylon Aqua. Once dry, I just wrote the particular treat on the card, hot glued on some shells and marbles and hung them with twine around the neck of the jars.

I'm pretty happy with this one!

I'll get to the Snausage one in a bit. Savannah needs the kitchen island to make cookies. If you'd ever had her cookies, you'd get out of her way too.

The jars? $10 and $4.
The little signs? Free
Totally Cool Receipt: $14
Airtight storage in Florida? A necessity.


Pretty Things said...

I had thought of taking jars of that size and filling them up with bouncy balls and then making a lamp out of them for my son's room! But then I was afraid he'd take it apart to get to the balls!

Life in Rehab said...

Exactly! It was tempting, but I have a lamp project lined up using recycled wine bottles, so I behaved.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to (cheaply) make some cute containers! They look great!

Michael Reilly said...

Almost makes me want a dog ;-) Nice job, Sunny!