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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Garden Party, Part I

To kick off this year's garden, first there needed to be some demolition. I had recycled our old patio gazebo into a home for my orchids, but 5 years of South Florida weather had taken its toll, and the structure was now just a rusted mess. When the Tivoli Gazebo went on sale for $99, I snagged it. It's still quite
a bargain at $129.


The Teen Minions removed all of the plants, furniture, and the tarp from the frame, and then I let my oldest son have some grunting fun ripping the whole
thing apart.
He's single, girls.
...maybe for a reason?
Anyway, then it was my turn to get to work. That bougainvillea had encased the old gazebo and was just going a little too wild. Of course my electric trimmer is in.....wait for it.....STORAGE, so the entire job was accomplished with Fiskars trimmers and a $4 folding saw. Are you impressed?

Savannah and the Hubster were hard at work with the simple snap together
assembly of the new outdoor room.

Seriously, I cut all this one snip at a time.

And within an hour we had a new home for my tropicals, and the container garden started to take shape.
The habanero peppers were right at home.
And the new top received swift feline approval, which is key.
I couldn't resist this pot, a Dollar General steal for $8. The sage seemed comfy.

Some of my accidental gardening successes.
The day ended on a lazy note with everyone stretching out to relax. Still to come:

1. Lights
2. Salvaged shelving
3. Propagated plantings
4. Finishing touches

So do stop back by!


~Isabel said...

I love the bougainvillea! What an amazing flower! It's stunning...and i gotta say, you did give it quite the trimming, lol....

A perfect first garden day!

hmmmm...i wonder if you can root a bougainvillea?

Life in Rehab said...

You can! Pick up a jar of Root Tone at the garden center; you can root almost anything with it. I'm planning on doing this actually and planting a hedge to swallow our chain link fence.