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Monday, March 22, 2010

Inspiration Point: The Container Store

With storage at a premium in a house designed with extremely minimal closets, I'm always on the lookout for ways to maximize cramming neatly stashing our belongings. And let's face it, The Container Store are the experts. One just opened in a fantastic new shopping center called The Village at Gulfstream, which is our rather trendy racetrack. We were up for a family outing and the 5 of us pulled up in the Durango last Saturday ready to explore and be inspired.  
Savannah was our photographer for the day and was immediately taken by the mountains of shiny boxes. 
Mom, however, loved the selection of tiny jars for uniform storage of home grown teas and herbs, 
and this wine rack had me at first glance. I liked the minimal visual space it occupied. This would be perfect for cooking wines in the kitchen. 

These little stackers were also very cool. 
LOVE the wine and cocktail glass insert. Think of all the projects out there to turn armoires, cabinets,
 and dressers into bars.
And a bungee desk chair? You know you just got a touch of Goldilocks Fever and want to plop right into it!
Check this out: plastic cubes and rectangles you can configure into wipe clean furniture! This would be awesome for a sticky-fingered toddler's room, a pizza slobbering teenager's room...or my husband. 
Next, we hit the gift paper aisle. Why? Well, we do give people stuff, and I've impressed upon them that the presentation makes the gift. Plus, I do have a lot of Mod Podge... 
We found this tiny bag that opened into an adorable ring box (how's that for wrapped in a jiffy?), and a few other handy sizes as well. 
How's this for genius? The lid of this trash can squishes down from the outside for hands-free, germ-free trash compacting! This would save a lot of space and garbage bags, not to mention hand washing. 
Cardboard boxes in MY blue with chrome handles...yeah, I'll figure this one out and make them.
And lastly, Savannah just loved the critter storage boxes, so they got their portraits done too.

What did I actually BUY?

You'll see....

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