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Friday, October 29, 2010

Top Ten Fresh New Blogs

We're going to take a small break from the usual Top Ten. I'm only bringing you four new blogs today.
Four VERY spooky blogs.
Just in case you and your Minions still have some last minute spots in the house to hit with a horrific stick,
these will inspire you with their ghastly goodness and frighteningly original decadent decor.

And before I make introductions, just in case you think I am devoid of evil myself
and would in no way do anything wrong or awful...

I dress my cat like a rap artist!
Yo, Smidgey Smidge in the hiss house.
(Fine. I'm sorry...)

Enough stalling. Ready for a visit or two?

Wiccan Make Some Too   That's right, Beth is Wiccan! And who better to lead you through some really great projects than a bona fide witch! She's a funny grandmother with crafts, recipes, and site recommendations that will have you taking notes and hitting links. The boots made out of cereal boxes are a great craft with the kids. 

Musings from Kim K   These guys are nuts. Seriously. If you have no idea how to haunt your house, here's your answer. Simple to elaborate, the entire family has Halloween madness, and they'll show you how to cast shadows in your brightest corners. I completely bow to their creativity.

Crows Feet Chic   Tracy is new to this. Steff over at Three bed semi emailed the site to me, and although there aren't tons of posts, what she's done is dead on cool. I'm following her just to see what she does next. And if I have time this weekend, my family portraits are getting her awesomely eerie treatment.

Gothic Wedding Planner  Technically, Steff's site isn't a blog, but the wedding cakes alone had my gears spinning in the direction of show stopping confections with a dark twist. I'm sorry I didn't see her goods sooner, but there's always next year!

Go visit, say hi, follow if you like what you see, and enjoy a little extra chill on me.

The Top Ten will return as usual next week.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Thanks for the shout-out. We seriously LIVE for Halloween.

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

What another great batch of blogs!! Thanks again :)

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Thank you so much Sunny for the support and kind words. I have had a ball reading through your posts... you are hilarious!! I'm off to peek at more of your links. Thanks again, and let me know when Smidgey Smidge's album drops. :)

Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Thanks for the mention Sunny. I am like so happy I wanna call my kids & yell "go look at this"! Also want to make a public thanks for letting me know my email was not set up for contact. Now if I can just get the issue of the link button working...........You are great Sunny. (sending Witchy hugs your way) said...

Thanks for introducing me to these new (to me) blogs. Ijust discovered yours today and have been enjoying it all afternoon. I just joined as I am a southerner and seem to love all southern blogs! You are too funny girl! Visit me aat PAINTORDIG sometime.

lisbonlioness said...

The Gothic wedding planner calls herself Steff Metal? Did somebody hack into my id? lol