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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fear Us

 Some of you in Blogland are blissfully waking on this Monday morning, feeding your families a nutritious breakfast, packing lunches, and planning out your day.
Here at Rehab, we are plotting EVIL.
Okay, and we're packing lunches. But they are EVIL lunches. With like possessed granola bars and shrieking strawberry yogurt. Horrifying ham sandwiches. Bad bananas.
We have a whole week of frighteningly easy crafts for you that are just a little bit left of the norm, done in our colors, our way.
 Cover your children's eyes and let's begin...
Easy stuff, peeps. Joanns has their Halloween trims 50% off. This project will run you $2.50. You'll need a card of dangly stuff, invisible tape (which I can never find), and a shelf. I used my china hutch.
Um, tape the trim under the shelf, taping the ribbon flat.
Yeah, we're done here.
And these little spiders are in excellent company!

Do starfish count as skeletons? SCARY!!!

Gather your minions and let the spookifying begin!


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I wouldn't want it any other way...looking forward to more evil ideas!

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

Your evil lunches are hilarious!

Unknown said...

Too funny! Haha, love the description of your evil lunches with the "bad bananas". :)


Mrs. Sojourner said...

Hilarious. Love the spooky spiders.

Anonymous said...

I'm soo doing this to my mantle..over the broken, and baby-gated fireplace LOL Then I'm going to find me some glasses and make me a set of "ghosts". Looks great :)

Vonda said...

Love this! So is it time to decorate for Halloween? We are SOO READY!!

Michelle L. said...

Perfect and cute! I mean, terrifying! I don't have any minions, can yours catch a broom and come decorate my house?

Sharon@KeenInspirations said...

Sunny, You keep me laughing! Thank you for brightening my day, even if I'm supposed to be, uhmm....frightened??? I love the ghost globes!!!
I can remember trick or treating in the Florida heat and sweating to death under my "platicy" costume....ahhh the joys of childhood!
I'm freezing up here now! Highs have only been around 60 for the last two days!
Happy Fall!