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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silver Skulls

As you know, all of our spooky goods came from the dollar store this week.
For our next trick, empty 4 bags of Dollar Tree skulls into a box and lightly spray with a little 
Krylon metallic silver.
Show some restraint; we aren't going for complete coverage. We want some creepy white and black to bleed through here.
Then we're going to use my adhesive addiction, Goop, to stack $1 vases on candlestick. Everybody's done this one by now, right?
These were extra tall vases, so I thought they were pretty cool.
Now, we need some moss, plastic spiders, and some of those fabulous silver skulls.
And we'll just do a little layering.

I originally was playing with silver glitter craniums as the final flourish.
A little frill of wire edged ribbon with shimmery arachnids...
...and let's start building our display in the entryway. I decided I preferred my glitter skulls in a heap on a dessert stand that I spray painted aqua. This usually sits on my dresser to organize accessories and perfumes. Shop the house, guys. 
More silver skulls and moss lined my antique bread bowl, and then I added a hurricane and a chunky pillar. The hurricanes we just made were topped with rechargeable battery operated candles, and that cute little bust of Satan was also a Dollar Tree find.
The Creepy Cake Plate was yesterday's project.

The beaded charger is a clearance score from Z Gallerie, and it usually resides in Savannah's room.
I had to have this tinsel spider with googly eyes and the feather boa, also from the dollar store.

Happy Haunting, Lovelies.


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I'm always shopping the house too (less to store away!). I love your bread bowl btw.
The whole entry vingette looks spooky yet elegant. I need to hit my dollar store!

Katherine said...

"Cute little bust of Satan"-that's not something you hear everyday! :) Love your silvery skulls-they look great!

Mel said...

The Dollar Store Queen strikes again! I really like the way the skulls peek out of the moss...creepy and elegant too :)

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

So I'm starting to get the idea that maybe, just maybe, halloween is one of your favorite holidays to decorate for? :) I don't really do anything for it, yeah, I'm lame. But if I did now I know where to get a ton of ideas!

MJ said...

HI Sunny, great as always :) Love the ribbon!

Unknown said...

Those silver skulls are great! I love the way you can see just some of them poking out of the moss... it looks like they're buried in there, actually. Love it!


Michelle L. said...

Cool towering skull vases! And I am crazy about the silver skulls in the wooden bowl, it's such delicious, twisted chic.

Carrie said...

Silver skulls? So chic! Way to turn something from the Dollar Store into something much more high-end!

Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Love the look of your table. I shop the house a lot myself. Never know what new idea will pop in your mind while "shopping" & there is nothing new to sneak past the Hubby!