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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Along Came a Spider...

I love making costumes! I've hand stitched every fantasy frock in this house, whether it be for Halloween or the Renaissance Festival, but this was a first.
We made a costume for the front door wreath.
About a year ago, I ripped the 90's sunflowers off of a grapevine wreath and gave it a good dousing of apple green. That was it. I'd seen it done in a DIY mag, and I truly dug the pop on the porch and how simple it was.
But this is Halloween, peeps.
Then Bev over at Flamingo Toes did this totally outrageous Halloween wreath, and that got my creativity pumping! You think my idea of spooky accent colors are off the wall? She used PINK!!!
But...well...flamingo and all...
For this little project we gathered:

One grapevine wreath in green off the front door
Some feather and tinsel trim. Mine was off the brim of a clearance witch hat, $3.50
Some feather boa trim in green, $3
The remainder of the wire edged ribbon from yeasterday's project, about 6', $1?
One sheet of glitter craft foam, $1.49
Two googly eyes, the package was $1.99 for ten pairs, so $0.19
Hot glue
A snip of green ribbon

First I removed the trim from the witch hat. That's going to get its own project.
I laid both trims on the wreath and wired them on separately in 4" intervals so they'll 
come off easily after the holiday.
I wound the ribbon up so that I had 3 loops with the ends in the center. When you flatten this, it will be about a foot wide. Crimp the middle and wrap wire around it, securing the ends. Hot glue a small snip of ribbon around the center for the illusion of a knot.
Fluff out the loops to create a bow and wire it to the bottom of the wreath just off center.
We free handed this fat little spider on the back of the glitter foam and cut her out.
Hot glue on a pair of googly eyes...
...add a cute little green bow, and then glue her to the center of that gigantic bow on the wreath!
This is the only spider I'll let in my house willingly.
$9.18 worth of arachnid splendor.
Fluff detail.
Now, where to hang it?
I voted front door. Savannah over ruled me. She was not allowing rain to sully this.
C'mon back in.
While we were debating location, Wells gave us her opinion of the proper use for the wreath.
She was unconcerned with my arguments against this suggestion.

In the end, we decided on the french doors to the patio and dangled it from the center support of the drapery rod so as not to impeded anyone fleeing the house in sheer terror.

The cool thing is, all of this will snip right off of the wreath November 1st and go unscathed into a ziplock bag for next year, just like a costume, and my green wreath will go back to its rightful spot on the door

Unless I keep this all year...



lisbonlioness said...

Muahaha! That kitty cracks me up. Or is it the dozy little spider? Lol, cutest bug I've seen so far!
I need a wreath, simple as.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

*squeals* I love the spider wreath!!! I'm such a bow girl and she's just perfect with her bows.

Amy Meyer said...

I love the spider wreath! Great job! I especially love the spider's eyes! I awarded you the Happy 101 Blog award! Come check it out!

Unknown said...

Love it! The spider wreath is great! Hahaha, Wells was probably pretty upset when she got the boot and her new "bed" was hung up. :)


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

I love how the spider has eyelashes. Latisse!


. said...

Oh my goodness...I love it!!!! The colors, the bow, the girly bat...but ESPESCIALLY HER HAIR BOW!!

Did you see my she-bat today??? I'm completely and utterly stealing your idea and giving her a BOW...if it will fit on her squatty little head!! :) I never would have thought of that! :)

Oh, and my Bubba would sit and lick those feathers all day and forego sleeping. ;)

Michelle L. said...

That looks amazing on the curtains! I love the interchangeableness (bah, that word is way too long) and the hilarious cute spider.

MJ said...

very cute as always :) not sure green would have been my choice (am more of a purple girl myself) but it is definitely halloweeny! had to laugh about your comment about flamingos ;)

Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

Great Job!! I love this!

Erin said...

That is absolutely adorable!!!