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Friday, October 22, 2010

Update on Mom

I've received a lot of very nice emails from my virtual friends asking for updates on my Mother's condition. So just to warn you, this is not one of my usual posts; it's really only for those who have been following the bouncing stethoscope.

To catch up:

Mom was recovering well, although her infections gave her extreme dementia ("Did you sell my motorcycle? Where are you boarding the horse these days? There are dogs under my bed. Did you park in the shower?"). We got her in a rehab center (ironic?), and I thought we were about a month from bringing her home. 

She fell her second night there and needed stitches.

That, and the inept care she was receiving had me looking for a new nursing home, but before I could get her moved, she fell again. Same week. And broke her hip, ulna, and elbow.
We had all that surgically repaired, and now she's in a new rehab facility that I really like. Her trach is out, as is her feeding tube, and she's eating like crazy. Her mind has also cleared up, thank God. We expect to have her home by Thanksgiving if all goes well.

A little shout out to Jenny over at Jenny Matlock who in her infinite sweetness not only sent my mother a personally written card with silk fall leaves but also posted her story on Chickberry. Mom has gotten a few lovely cards from people she's never even met.

As well as like a hundred from her church.

So that's my story. I get up at 5:00, get ready for work, pop some popcorn to take to Mom and head out the door for a visit before the office. On the weekends, I drag her Sheltie, Stirling, over there for a visit, along with bags of snacks (she's at 110 pounds now, YAY!) 

Then I come home and spray paint stuff!

If I haven't been as good of a bloggy friend as I could have been, I do apologize. You all know I love wallowing around in your creative goodness. I'll catch up soon, I promise.


lisbonlioness said...

What did they do to her in that first rehab place? That's bloody atrocious. YAY to Mom, keep nomming!

Olive said...

She is improving! So glad for the update Sunny. I can imagine that your scheduale is very tough. Will continue to pray for your Mom. Have a great weekend. hugs♥olive

Sherri B. said...

I am so sorry to hear of this sad treatment of your mother. Thankfully you have found a good place for her to recover. You sure have a full plate and we appreciate that you take time to share your projects with us. Thanks for updating on your mom.

Vonda said...

Thanks for the update on your mom! Your family is in our prayers and I hope she'll be home by Thanksgiving.
I think we're headed to my husband's family in FL for Thanksgiving, in Indian River, an hour north of Tampa -- I think you're way south of there though. HUGS to you and your mom!

Dharma said...

Wow! Sunny! I'm in the "sandwich generation" too with my Mom, but I have yet to row the boat that your pushing upriver. Great news on your Mom, keep fattening her up. You're a fantastic daughter (it takes one to know one). Have a great day, Popcorn Princess!!!!

kristi.w. said...

Hey Sunny! I am behind in my blog reading, so I didn't realize your mom was ill. I'm sending good vibes your way!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear about all the falls and injuries she's received - but I'm so happy that she's on the mend! I hope she continues to improve and get better (and gain weight)!


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Hey there - ugh. So glad she's healing, but so sorry to hear about her falls. That sucks. Definitely keeping you guys in my thoughts. And you are a great daughter, to be so dedicated and go in before work every day. Hang in there!!!

mousee23 said...

I know about how getting the weight back on helps with the healing.My mommy has COPD.She got dizzy a few years back(had her O2 off) and fell.Fractured;broken hip joint.She has been through the 'unclear' parts when she was about 86 pounds.Got her back up to 106 and she was back up and running.Well, using her scooter.She is just starting to get over a stomach viral infection.Her weight is down in the lower 90s.So, keep up the popcorn and your spirits.You're not alone~Anne

Michelle L. said...

Wow, what a difficult month. So stressful! Finding a decent place is SO hard, I'm so happy that you did. Sunny, it's inspiring to read this in conjunction with all your other silly fun posts. You are really, really strong. What a kind and loving girl you are - besides being the Queen of Goofy and the Goddess of Crafty.

Carol said...

Forewarning: I had an apple flavored beer (low alcohol tolerance) and am in a giggly mood. This made me read your post about being back on the right track and start singing "Just Keep Swimming" from Finding Nemo. I am definitely sharing too much info, but it IS funny to those like you and I who are easily amused... just sayin'...

In seriousness, I can relate to the nursing home worries and the strain it puts on your everyday routine. Both my grandparents ended up in a nursing home... long sad awful story, but we did manage to get to take dinner to them every day. I also know about those awful stomach tubes and their level of hell. Praying for your mom's health and your sanity.

Just keep swimming!