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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Send That Kid Outside

I like gifts to be creative and non-violent. You know: I'd prefer NOT to buy a video game where zombies are gooified loudly and give it to someone else's child. I admit it, we have those games in our house. They get played to the tune of Reel Big Fish no less. But I don't like to subject other people to them. I happen to prefer themed gift baskets.

When Savannah and I went shopping for her friend Ana's birthday, I let her wander through Target on her own. She wanted to find something much cooler than my lame gift basket idea. I got a text from her a few minutes later that admitted defeat. We met at The Dollar Spot.
The Dollar Spot is a section of Target with seasonal and holiday related offerings all priced at $1.00 or $2.50. So let's start this 15 year old off right with a great lined straw beach bag with pockets for $2.50, shall we? And let's add these $1 patriotic sunglasses to it. There's a nice inner pocket just for them.
And this straw beach mat with fabric pockets, ties, and handles? $2.50.
There's a little kid in every teenager. $1!
A little SPF lip balm for another buck.
And we couldn't resist the bling-y 4th of July hat for a dollar. Savannah snagged one too.
$1 flip flops to match the hat? Absolutely. They'll look good with the sunglasses too.
And an insulated cooler for $2.50!
A bubble wand? For one dollar, why not?
At this point, my daughter was all in!
It's squishy, it was a dollar, and we loved it.
And this jumbo flying disk? $2.50!
I'm being a dork, aren't I?
Add a bandana for a bow, and we have a cool gift to get Ana to the beach all summer!

And at $18 including the bandana, I'd say we just bought her a lot of fun at a bargain price.
So what's your go-to gifting strategy?


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You sure did. All the other girls will be jealous!!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

I am heading to Target RIGHT NOW for that hat. Seriously.


mle said...

My daughter is the same age and she would think everything in the bag is Awesome - most especially that hat!! : )

Life in Rehab said...

Yeah, um...I bought several of the hats. We dress up to go to the fireworks. We're THAT geeky.

And thanks!

Mel said...

This is so much better than brain mush :) It's really thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

My go to gifting strategy is to give gift certificates for an activity. They are eco-friendly and we often end up meeting up when Gift Certificate is spent... so bonus quality time for the kids.
I am not a fan of the dollar section just because the stuff breaks so easily and ends up in the landfill. (not to rain on your parade.)
The tote is super cute!