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Friday, June 25, 2010

Grab and Go

My oldest son had a wicker hamper that he had outgrown style-wise. It was still in good shape, so when I replaced it with a sleek black one, I decided to make it into a handy stash for photos by the front door. And it was perfect when the fire happened; we just grabbed it by the handles on the way out! Seriously, after family and pets, that's the only other thing that can't be replaced.
First, I painted it my favorite shade of Spa Blue. We categorized all of our loose photos and put them in ziplock bags. Then I measured the opening of the basket and subtracted 2 inches to make a dropped in display surface to hide the photos. This is fast and simple.


You will need:
1. A push pin
2. A pencil
3. String or twine
4. A tape measure
5. An exacto knife
6. Spray adhesive
7. Foam core board
8. Fabric to cover

Tie the twine to the pencil and measure half of the circumference you want your circle to be. Cut the twine and put a small knot in the end. Pin the knot to the foam core board and then use the twine as a guide to draw a perfect circle.

Next, use your exacto knife to cut the circle out. Please note the cutting mat I'm using to protect my work surface.
Next, liberally coat the top of your circle with spray adhesive.
Place the fabric you've chosen right side up on the glue and smooth it into place so there are no air bubbles or wrinkles.
Flip it over, spray the glue around the edges, press the fabric ends into place, and trim any excess material
Allow it to dry, then simply set it in your basket. This gives you a nice display area. I scattered a few seashells on the surface.
I topped it with an inexpensive round of glass...

...and then a shell bowl to corral incoming mail!
Behind the table is a matching memo board, also made out of foam core board, with chris-crossed ribbons to hold invitations and announcements.
After all, with three teenagers, keeping organized has to be convenient and quick.

Basket: Free
Paint: $3
Fabric: Scrap
Glass: $5
Foam Core Board: $2.55

Totally Cool Receipt: $10.55? Yes, please!


Michael said...

Ok that's a really cool idea...... make me one? ;-) PLEASE?????

Life in Rehab said...

Thank you, Michael. Good! I needed an idea for your anniversary!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I hadn't seen this before! Thanks for linking it up! Great idea to grab and go with your precious photos!!


Khaly Tory said...

This is a great idea. I can't wait to try. Thanks for showing. Also thanks for your comment on my sofa makeover.

Life in Rehab said...

Thanks Khaly, and thanks for stopping by!

Mel said...

It not only looks amazing, but what an amazing idea for photo storage that can be moved easily. You are right, I would never forgive myself if I allowed my photos to get destroyed because I didn't store them where they can't. I have mine in the garage, but I need something like this. Thanks for the inspiration. You always have such great ideas :)

Fowl Single File said...

I love me some spray-on adhesive! That stuff saves the day so often around here. I think I might even use it when I don't really need to. I love it that much!