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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready for Some More Cinder Block?

The Garden Wall project I did got a little attention, and one of my recent comments was from someone else with a thing for dirt and cinder blocks.

Meet Meg over at Grow and Resist! She started one fine morning with this out in her garden. There's just nothing like looking like a construction site.

She had big plans, oh yes! And quite frankly, a lot more work ahead of her than I did.

I should add that Meg actually used mortar in her project, and her blocks are stacked traditionally.

However, Meg had a couple of very non-traditional cards up her sleeve!

Yeah, you're considering it now, aren't you?

I know, me too!

How wild could you go with this idea?
For full instructions, make the hop to Grow and Resist. The girl has some great tips on everything from raising chickens to making a potato tower, which I'm going to try, because my last attempt at potatoes was a FAIL.

Oh, and because I happen to have the scrap wood for it, ya know?


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That's incredible. Love the painted cinderblocks. What a pretty garden. I don't have the yard for it but I like it!


Life in Rehab said...

Heather ready for this...they aren't painted, they're MOSAIC!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, how cool! My jaw seriously dropped throughout this whole post. That turned out superb! Wow, I don't think I ever woulda thought of that. I can't wait to try mosaics on something... I've heard, and it looks, like so much fun! Perhaps later this summer.... the bar in the basement does need a new countertop... hmm... :)


Life in Rehab said...

Chelsea, I'm sooooo there! I'm going to try out mosaic on the project dresser I have. I'll meet you in the tile department.

AdinB said...

Oh boy! That is fun. I love the way she did it. Man! I love it! Hmmmmmm... something to think about. hehehe...

decemberdj said...

I think this is a wonderful ideal,It turned out beautiful. I will keep this in mind when i move,love all the colors and different designs.Keep the ideas coming.

Christine said...

I love it! I had mosaiced a cinder block about 8 years ago. It was fun. I love how you made the raised bed. Get's me to wanting to do it as well. Keep up the fun work!