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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glimmer, Glitz, Glamor, Glitter. And for Some Reason, Coconuts

 Are you enjoying our ruthless pillage of the gorgeous inspiration that is Z Gallerie?
I'm positively giddy with the results you folks have wrought!
Bravo, I say, to your exact replicas and some of the projects inspired by
the myriad of merchandise you perused!
It's more than okay to tweak a design to suit your taste;
after all, you're decorating a home, not becoming a professional counterfeiter.
Don't be surprised if my next week of hacks are hacks of your hacks.
 All draped around one of my favorite offerings from nature.
I fell in love with silver shells years ago, but the price tag and I never quite saw eye to eye.
 Boo was depressed and distraught over my predicament and brainstormed
with me to find a solution.
 Of course it's simple enough~
a little Rustoleum spray paint in either Gloss Silver
or my new favorite, Chrome,
administered in 3 light coats will turn your shells into baubles.
 What can you do with these glittery treats?
 You could do the luxe obvious and heap them into an heirloom 
vintage bowl for an inexpensive shot of shine.
That would look nice in the foyer, huh?
 Use a dot of Goop to adhere a loop of ribbon to a selection of silver
and scatter them in your holiday decorations.
These would be lovely on a Christmas tree or mixed with the 
traditional blue and silver of Chanukah.
 These are nestled in a Dollar Tree bowl in sphagnum moss and a little cinnamon oil,
then wrapped in cellophane and finished with a wired bow as a quick little gift.
Sure beats ANOTHER cocoa mix on a teacher's desk.
 Yes, those are coconuts.
Yes, I went overboard.
Oh, get that shocked look off your face.
I sniff a lot of hot glue.
 My tree topper features a huge starfish sprayed silver,
and more starfish keep company shining in the branches 
of our Christmas tree.
 Nestled in a handmade nest instead of eggs is fun and unexpected.
 But that's all past goodies.
What have I done for you lately?
 I've had this orphaned vase from one of those hanging candle arrangements
that were everywhere in the 90's.
There's no base to it, so what to do, what to do...
 ...and I do happen to have this nice, detailed, weighty shell...
 ...and some Goop...
 In crafting math, that adds up to...
...a ritzy cloche topper!
No rocket science involved.
If you were looking at those silver shells wondering what
you could do with them,
hopefully I have you scrounging up $3.50 from the bottom
of your purse for paint.
It got me energized to redo a vignette.
 A few shells in a very tall apothecary jar set the tone.
No apothecary jar?
A tall Dollar Tree vase would work nicely.
 Let's get a voyeuristic view of these.
 When you can have as many as you want of an object, restraint goes out the window.
 Who am I kidding?
I need spell check to even type restraint.
 Who else DOES this to an innocent coconut???
I'd do anything for you guys,
even debase myself horribly with tropical fruit.
A Goodwill silver stand makes a decent mate for my new bell jar.
 We'll highlight it with natural shells for contrast.
It commands more attention than all silver would.

 Pair it with the apothecary jar and start building.
 Warning: unnecessary close ups ahead.

 Don't be afraid to play a little until you get just what you want.
Tell Southern Living to come back with the camera crew in an hour.
There we go.
 There's just one little problem...
 I can't quite shake the feeling that I'm being watched.

 What are you waiting for?
Play along!


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh that is so swoon-worthy! I should have known you would have a stash of awesome shells! I love that you used a cheap silver tray and made something so spendy looking! Totally glitzy! Yeah...we're going to be hacking off the hackers on this one! That crazy close up of the coconut kind of reminds me of a puffer fish!

Della said...

Another great hack off! You are just full of crafty goodness :)
I agree with Danni on the coconut/puffer fish...that's what I thought, too.

Michelle L. said...

Oh, yes, you are being watched...cause you are making such beautiful stuff! Love the cloce with shell topper - I wouldn't have thought of you tip about using natural shells for contrast, but you are soooo right, it really sets off the silver top. Great tablescapery, Sunny! Now I am envisioning a totem pole of puffer fish coconuts...

lisbonlioness said...

oh cr@p... I LOVE the coconut fish! LOOOOOVE it!!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Love the chrome painted items! Can't wait to try this or "hack" this out! Your home is beginning to look like the Z Gallerie. I will call it the "Sun" Gallerie!!! Too many bright ideas!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

. . . .
. . . . .


In response to this " Yes, those are coconuts. Yes, I went overboard. Oh, get that shocked look off your face. I sniff a lot of hot glue."
1- i cracked up, out loud.
2- You're nuts. COCOnuts, to be exact. :)

LOVE the silver shells. For some reason your blog stopped showing up in my reader! Catching up now.

Donna Wilkes said...

Those coconuts are truly scary - you are right they are watching you. For an extra boost try combining E6000 glue with the chrome spray paint - your head will be spinning. I actually love the idea of a silver tray under a cloche with a silver shell accent.

Distressed Donna Down home