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Sunday, August 1, 2010

So, I'm Doing a New Banner

I asked my adorable daughter to get some shots of me for it. I'm about as photogenic as a train wreck. And I'm closing in on 50. Have I mentioned that? It only bothers me when I'm on a blog where the young mother of 3 is lamenting how old 26 is. I felt bullet proof and invisible then. Sam was 19 at the time somewhere in Virginia and still in my future while I sliced through the male population's hearts like a hot knife through butter.
We did eventually meet, and I claimed my child groom when he was 22.
He turned 23 during our honeymoon in Key West, people. I'm not a monster.
 We started our journey together patching up a house that was nearly condemned, but so cool that I saw past that and had to have it.
We will have owned this place 20 years October 1st. My parents, his parents, random siblings and homeless people all ask us why won't we sell this mess and just buy something that isn't about to collapse.
My answer is simple.
 I don't give up on things.
So get your nail gun. Grab your Mod Podge. Holster your hammer.
We have a lot more work to do.
We have a ton of things to make, and a lot more remodeling to do.
Welcome to Rehab.
THIS is not a drill.


Tru said...

I like #7. Take it from a 50's blogger who is not at all photogenic, I hear ya about those 20 somethings that think they're old! I like the banner you have on top now.

Heather said...

Love your photo series:) I like that you don't give up on things... so easy to do these days. Keep smilin"!

micah said...

great pics! can't wait to see the new banner!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

You are wonderful. Have you shown pics of your child groom on here? Too funny!

Anonymous said...

And I'm 61. I'm here for you! And I wouldn't be anonymous if I could figure out how to comment properly!

Mel said...

You crack me up! No seriously, I laughed out loud at photo number 5.

Thank goodness no one is home or they will think I've gone off the deep end.

Sunny, you continually inspire me to be a better person. Thank you my friend (ok, so only virtual, bu you are real behind the screen).

Christin@Pregnant with power tools said...

I love the pictures Sunny!!

Rachel said...

OK, whatever that concoction is in your hand, pour me one too...I'll come over and hang with you!!! You are TOO FUNNY!!! And I promise not to complain about being on the slippery slope towards 40.

Olive said...

What fun you were having! I like #8. You look like you are up to something which you usually are right?
hugs ♥ olive

Unknown said...

Hahaha, I LOVE this post, Sunny! I can't wait to see your new banner - and I love all the photos! Glass of wine and a saw = total badass.

I'll keep in mind to keep my age complaints to myself from now on, too. 24 is just so old! ;)


Life in Rehab said...

I'm sure you can all tell that Savannah and I were having a horrible time being serious!

Amanda said...

Hahaha great pics! I'm excited to see the new header. I've been toying with putting a pic of me in mine too, but so far I haven't found anyone patient enough with me to take the photos. Is Savannah for hire?