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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inspiration Point: Cooper City Antiques Mall

I had gotten an email from Yanet, the brilliant crafter, mom, and writer of one of my favorite blogs,
3 Sunkissed Boys, pointing out that we're basically neighbors. That's how observant I am. Our kids are terrorizing the same beach, and I didn't pick up on this.

I did however pick up on the fact that the Antique Mall she'd just written about was local. In fact, it was around the corner from my oldest son's best friend's house, so after dumping dropping him off, Sam and I went to investigate.
My husband has learned early on that I like old furniture much better than new. The man should be rejoicing, right? Nope. I squeal at something on the side of the road, and he steps on the gas. Strangely enough, if I PAY for the item, it's less odious. So I keep a supply of price tags in my purse for the odd dumpster dive.
But I digress...
How gorgeous is this? Seriously? Glossy white and curves out the wazoo, just BEGGING me to stuff it in the Durango for a mere $179! If I wasn't planning to drag my bedroom furniture out on the lawn soon for a spray job, I'd be all over this baby like a Feline Overlord on tuna.
Can you see this in my kitchen? For the storage wall? No?
Look again, really.
There were TONS of vintage suitcases, TONS, and all in the neighborhood of $25.
Look at the carving on this. Be honest, you're mentally rearranging a room right now to make space for this, aren't you?
 I love you, IKEA, but I think we should see other stores.
 I don't know where I'd put it. Maybe one of the children can get their own place...
 There were a lot of vintage phones, and they all caught Sam's eye. 
Yep, we're in an antique store, and he's finding archaic technology. That's my guy.
More suitcases. I love these things for storage in the boys' room! They swallow video games and electronics whole.
This belongs in my entryway. I want it. I'm not sure why I left without it.
Oh, right. I already have two households worth of furniture jammed into our place.
I wonder if they have layaway... 
Savannah needs a new desk, and I'm sure this one would guarantee that her grades would improve, don't you think?
 I think this is a second marriage for both pieces, but it works on a lot of levels.
Yes, I decorate my Christmas tree with shells, and this year there may need to be some rope too.
For the $200 price tag on this sucker I would TOTALLY fix that lower right cabinet door, wouldn't you?
Did you get dragged to Cypress Gardens as a kid to watch the water skiing mermaids?
Me too.
I wanted to be one.
At least now, I could own their skis.
We checked, and it isn't iPod compatible.
I need more bedrooms so I can go back for all of these dressers.
Or I just need to decorate exclusively with dressers.
Or I need therapy.
So after all that romping, which piece can you not live without?
Do share!


Sherri B. said...

I will take all of the buffets...Love the one you should of bought for your'd better go back!

Unknown said...

I share your pain! So many pretty pieces of furniture... the price is begging to be taken home... yet you've already got enough in the house for now.

I would really love to make a side table of vintage trunks. The side tables I have perfectly match the coffee table. Which as we all know, just isn't right!

Michelle L. said...

My husband's favorite phrase, said slowly between clenched teeth: "Leave. The shiny thing. On. The ground."

Deb said...

Too many to choose from!! Hmmmm....I believe the entry hall tree (I think I saw hooks on it?) would have to come home with me....

I, too am a dresser freak - I gravitate toward them in whatever store I happen to be perusing. We have several - in the basement - waiting for me to pay them some attention :)

Olive said...

The white dresser with the arched mirror. Like you I have no place for more furniture. My hubs is a hoarder. One day a SIL asked him for a large rock in the yard and he would not give it to her! olive

Carol said...

Michelle's husband and mine must be secretly coaching one another... I can't believe you didn't buy the white dresser and/or the carved one. The carved one is begging for a gorgeous paint job with glaze... just saying. You only have a problem with dressers when you actually bring them all home... like I do with chairs. Honest-to-God... I have a 1506 sf house with 18 chairs. Then my husband cut me off.

Life in Rehab said...

Nothing came home because my husband is an evil, diabolical genius, and we drove the Kia Soul instead of one of the trucks. Evil, evil man...

Marie said...

Hi, this is Estorbo's Wooman...

Could you ship those suitcases to New York?? They're hard to find here and I store things in them (linen, winter cloths/summer clothes - you have to when you live in a closet). My favourite suitcase just lost handle on recent trip, too.

Life in Rehab said...

Hi Marie,

I was just passing your blog around in IM, and starting to poke around 66 Square Feet as well, but as the victim of cat ownership, I'm quite drawn to your sassy fella.

Yes, we ship, but you're getting a cat included with each one.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Love love love it all.I'm coming with you next time!!! I need some of those vintage suitcases!!!

Beeteedubs:How do you like the Kia Soul? Hubs has his eye on that we have 3 drivers in the house. YIKES!

Life in Rehab said...

Beeteedubs. Yep. We both have teenagers. Do you also say "BRB" like I do?

We really like the Soul, and I have a 54 mile per day commute for about $30 in gas per week, so it's EXTREMELY economical to run. It does have a couple of major blind spots though.

Savannah prefers it for her practice driving, so you do have Minion approval.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Thank you for the crazy kind words, Sunny! I knew you'd like the place.
BTW, my husband does the same thing when he sees curbside finds. Then secretely says a little prayer in the hopes that I didn't notice. :)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Thanks for the Soul review!! GTK! Let me know how the salmon turns out. Hope you like it!!

Heather said...

Love the white curio...great eye candy post!

Lindy said...

Don't know how you forced yourself to spend the day in this horrid place! ;)

Cooper City Antique Mall said...

I love your blog. We just recently started to blog. Personally as a crafter your links move me. As an antiquer... need I say more. I even love the name of your blog. If you get a chance I'd love for you to teach me more about blogging. I have sooooooo much to learn. Keep it up