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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Garden Project Bonanza!

I know most of you have had a horrible Winter,
but Spring is right around the corner.
Let's get ready to spruce up the yard, Rehab style!
To that end, we have prepared a Roundup of our favorite projects
here at Chateau Inferno,
so that you too can achieve the same fine look as our abode,
the world's only 2300 square foot trailer.

I ran into a mom and her little daughter yesterday at Home Depot's garden center.
She immediately identified me as a wanted plant murderer gardener
and asked me for some advice regarding planting their brand new home.
I handed her the LIR card.
This should get everybody started.
That, or you'll be so horrified you'll abandon all hope and 
just make your yard into a concrete slab.
Are you wondering how to put in a poured concrete patio?
Pop in for full instructions.
A unique birdbath is an afternoon project you can throw together
for next to nothing.
 Is your garden budget tapped out?
How about ideas on how to start one for free?
 Lighting your garden will be simple and inexpensive.
 Was my last birdbath too close to the ground?
Was it merely bait to provide your Feline Overlords with fresh snacks?
Try this one instead.
 Make a raised bed area that doubles as a quiet retreat just for you.
 How about an inventive twist on a potting table?
 You already have plants in, but would like some more?
Join us as we propagate.
Do store bought stake lights leave you cold?
Try this little project for some country charm.
 3 hours of your time are all it takes to construct this industrial chic
planting wall. Don't be intimidated. This is a beginner project.
 As soon as you're done with your coffee you can make this
hanging planter before your caffeine wears off.
 Get that garden party heated up with our wine bottle tiki torches.
The plumbing supply aisle has nearly everything you'll need.
If fire isn't your thing, go solar with a Ball jar.
Let me know if you try any of these.
It's always nice to know other people don't think I'm nuts,
because although I know my yard looks like this...
...I feel like it looks like this.

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I certainly hope so but it feels like a long way off right now!