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Monday, January 23, 2012

Easy Propagation

 I like to keep herbs hanging on the gazebo by the grill.
This makes it convenient for Sam to add that pop of fresh flavor to meats,
and even tofu.
We use a lot of herbs.
 In fact, we use so many that a couple of baskets aren't going to keep up with the demand.
It can get kind of expensive constantly replenishing the garden with new plants.
 So how do you keep up with the supply of flavorings?
 Not to mention, how do you freshen up the flower pots when they start to fade?

 Go get the clippers.
For this, we're going to make something practical into something decorative.
 I like to start by saving the little containers you purchase with scented oils and bamboo sticks
as room fresheners. These make great individual vases at table settings too.
We also grabbed a great basket to contain the whole thing and 
put it in the middle of the litchen island where it will get
proper parental supervision.
  I have a couple of larger bottles and vases for taller clippings.
 Now just cut any plant you'd like to try to root.
Woody stems may not work, but trying isn't going to cost you a dime.
 Cut the stems at an angle.
 Then just put the plants in water.
Easy enough?
 Try whatever you'd like.
 It'll also green up your indoor spaces while you're waiting for Spring to sneak up on you.
 Can you feel the warm weather already?
 As they grow roots and you plant them, add more clippings.
 Can you ever have too many free plants?

And with your basket packed tightly with bottles, maybe this won't happen.
With Feline Overlords, there are no guarantees.

1 comment: said...

My mom always was propagating plants when we were kids. I don't have her green thumb but I enjoy watching yours at work!