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Thursday, January 12, 2012

And with Dinner, We'll Have Desert

Okay, you were promised some bedroom shots.
And I'll get to it, I swear.
But we have a fun little trip to a warmer climate for you to shake those Winter blues,
and you can visit it every time you sit down for a bite.
  My collection of cylinder vases is very versatile. I've gathered them in a variety of heights
and hefts, and they've really helped me create a lot of tablescapes, including this slice
of Winter forest we did for Christmas.
It's time for a cheap change.
 Let;s clean out those vases and get ready for a quick trick.

 You'll need a few succulents.

 Pea pebbles and pool sand are SO much less expensive than those little packages of decorative vase filler from the craft store. You'll also need some potting soil.
Rinse off the pebbles to remove silt and dirt.

Then layer them in the hurricanes. this will provide drainage for the plants and a steady base for some candles.

 Set your plants on the pebbles to "try the vases on for size."
 Remove some of the base if you need to.

 Take the succulent out of the plastic pot and break the root ball up a bit, burrowing it lightly into the gravel.

 Add potting soil.

 Use a sterling silver spoon to sprinkle sand over the soil in a thin layer.
You don't really need silver. It just makes for better photos than plastic.

 Aren't the layers cool? We added some shells for fun and texture.

 This is a centerpiece for the dinner table, so we have some pillar candles 
nestled in Dollar Tree vases to corral the wax. 
I just set them in the pebbles.

 How easy was this?
The spare look is a little trip to Palm Springs.
I estimate the total cost of the new materials to be about $12,
 and I have lots of sand and pebbles left over to get in trouble with...


lisbonlioness said...

they look beautiful, Sunny! Especially with the sand on top. Like your own piece of desert on your dinner table. I think I must try this, just a bit smaller as our available surface space (and any other space) equals pretty much zero) Really diggin' it! Oooh, I could use them outside on the beautiful patio (not to say terrible patch of wasteland with cement slabs on it) and make that look a bit more like we are living in the civilized world? For that purpose, normal empty jars would do. *ponders*

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Love the layered look!! All lit up together it looks stunning!

sla said...

This is spectacular! Love the look and if I can find tall enough cylinders, I might be able to keep my curious cats from eating the vegetation.