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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snow in Miami

When you're getting disgusted looks from your cat, you know you need to kick it into high gear.
This was the treatment I was getting Friday.
 Sure, Momma Kitteh had a point. There was a little bit of a jumble draped over the house like a net. That cuts down on Feline Overlord lounging space considerably.
The best way to clear clutter?
Condense it.
How about we make some centerpieces that bring the quiet of the forest inside?
We don't have snow here, so if I get something wrong, let me know.
Start shopping the house.
You'll need:
Clear, straight sided vases or vessels of some sort
Dollar Tree vases if you intend to use candles
Um.......candles? The pillar kind
River rock or stones. What do you already have that would work?
Fir garland you can bear to cut into pieces
Fake sprinkle snow. Target carries some marked Vase Filler
Small fake birds. Real ones cause too many problems
Pine cones. I had some spare silver ones from yesterday's project
 Clean the vases. If you're using candles, set the candle in a Dollar Tree vase and nestle it in the larger cylinder. Tuck in some black river rock.
 Cut the fir garland and fluff the branches, then wind them between the larger and smaller vases.
If you're not using a candle, just tuck the branch in and add a pine cone.
 Perch a fake bird on a branch that protrudes from the container.

 Now start sprinkling snow in the arrangement.

 Use a light hand on this step. You want to hint, not bellow.

 The degree of "fake" of your birds is up to you of course.

I kind of did a few. For impact, you know.
 Light the candles and enjoy the glistening dollop of Winter.
 15 minutes or less. How's that for easy?
However, I get the feeling we have not earned approval.
Perhaps we should just get on to the next project?


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Oh yes, this is great - and rather realistic! The best part of the post, however, may be the way in which your cat is lounging, with her front arms stretched across the gap in crates. Too funny.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

These are pretty...but some cats are just impossible to satisfy. (-:

Kim K. said...

I have a couple of cats who might just give your latest projects a nod of approval. As always, I'm happy to mail you some real snow. We have several inches in the forecast for this evening.

Carol said...

You know how much I love a short-attention-span project! I hope you are feeling much better.