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Monday, November 28, 2011

Chrome Forest

Simple, quick and cheap?
Got it.
You'll need:
Terra cotta mini pots. Mine were $0.39 each
Pine cones
Silicone adhesive
Newspaper or paper bags
Metallic spray paint. We used Krylon Aluminum and Chrome
Step one: give your pots three light coats of paint.
 I used the Aluminum as the base coat. Why?
We're using what we have on hand here.
 Take your natural pine cones...
 ...and give them a quick couple spritzes of metallic glitz.
Ooooooooooo, shiny!
 Now, using either newspaper or a bag that has fear in its eyes...
 ...tear small pieces of paper and crumple it to fill the pots.
 Give the pots and cones a last coat of slick Chrome.
 Use a skewer if any of the cones are particularly top heavy.
 Nab your silicone adhesive.
 Get a little gloppy here.
Now join the two pieces in decorative glory.
 You can stop here or get creative.
 We decided to embellish with simple bows in festive shades.
 And before you know it, you have a forest of shimmering mini trees at about $0.50 each.
Add a small card, a poem, an invitation to a cookie exchange, or landscape your Studio 54 Village.
At this price, you can afford to give everyone a little token of holiday cheer.
And who doesn't appreciate a touch of glimmer?


Kim K. said...

Very nice. It's good to have you back again. Thanks again for all your support over the weekend.

Michelle L. said...

Way to be adorable, little pots and cones! So cute.

Dharma said...

I think I'm gonna rip this one off for place settings :) Thanks Sunny!