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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seaside Autumn Continues

There were lots of scary things this Halloween that kept us from our bloggy duties.
[Cats. Lots of them. Prepared to devour your souls. Or tuna.]
We decided that as we removed our paltry offerings to the macabre, we'd keep our decor a bit more natural and fresh.
Not quite as heavy on the traditional orange.
Now, if you think black pumpkins aren't natural, go check out the collapsed fuzzy lumps left over from the 31st oozing down your front steps. Have they gone insect condo yet?
Nature at its finest!
The glitter just makes it FABULOUS!
Okay, maybe the Aqua Pumpkins from last year aren't found in any garden not tended by Smurfs, but they look pretty jazzy with some sprigs of silk orchid and the Leaf Hurricane from last Summer, don't they?
I love when an Evil Plan works out.
 We did a whole display of skulls on the buffet. In the dining room. Beside the table. YUM!
I thought it was understated and tasteful. For me, anyway.
But the season dictated a change, so we decided on white pumpkins, gourds, and Fake-corns mingled with pine cones for contrast.
I'm fighting to keep the skull wreath, using a twisted argument I'm not sure I should share.
I'm losing the debate.

But I do like the lightness of it all.

Now for those of you with a more traditional bend, here's a sneak preview of the hutch.
No, it isn't done.
Feel free to arrange it with your eyes.
We'll be back with something a little more finished.
For now, Sam's been pleading with me to fix the plumbing in the kitchen, and I think I can get down on the floor again...

If I can't, you'll help me up, right?


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

It all looks great!! I especially love the vignette in that last photo, the seashell with leaves dealy-o.

Sherri B. said...

It looks nice and I do like the lighter colors. - Yes I will help you up if need be, but, you have heard of 'the blind leading the blind', haven't you? xo

lisbonlioness said...

What's the deal with those cats??? Glad to read from you again x

Michelle L. said...

The black pumpkins: awesome! The cat photo: ayeeee!

So glad you sound well enough to contemplate crawling around under the sink!

Keri said...

Aw, just shove those blackening pumpkins off the porch and into the flower bed. Next spring you'll have homegrown pumpkins without even trying! said...

It all looks great but really love the hutch arrangement!!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

That reminds me....we never use our front door....guess I really should check on the state of the last two that didnt get pureed huh?

MJ said...

loving the pumpkins in the pantry :)

Carol said...

The black pumpkin vignette with the birdcage is gorgeous. SO GLAD to have you back in bloggy land!