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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sea Glass?

I have a slight romance with sea glass.
I love the colors, the versatility, and the sparkle of it.
It's so easy to sprinkle around the house when I need a little subtle hue,
and it catches the light perfectly.
 So why not add some to the garden?
 Get ready to make some pots that will have you itching for that last frost.
 All you're going to need is:
Terra cotta pots in whatever size you'd like
Your favorite color of spray paint. We used Rustoleum's Gloss Black
Silicone adhesive
Sea Glass in an array of colors
 First, paint the pots using three light coats. Allow this to dry completely.
Over night works.
 Working in small sections, spread some silicone adhesive on the rim of the pot 
and crust it with glass.
This is random and it overlaps a bit to cover.
You can't make a mistake.
Let that section set with the pot propped on it's side.
 If your adhesive is glued shut, snip off the bottom and squeeze it on the pot rim.
No wasting product, we're still on a stash busting mission.
Once that are has set, turn the pot and continue gluing more glass.
Find something to do in between drying sessions.
You have to love that jewel-like shine.

 Once it's dry, you're ready to plant!
 ...or stash jewelry, hair supplies, cooking utensils, remote controls, sunglasses...
You get the idea.
And say, what a great place for those little root clippings you have in the kitchen, eh?

5 comments: said...

I love sea glass-this is a great project!I would have to do this in a locked room though, or there would be dog hair stuck to it-if not the whole dog.

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

The combo of sea glass and the black pot are truly stunning :) I esp love the idea of stashing remotes.....we ALWAYS lose ours haha

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

That does look great against the black! I always love your stuff and I love the sea too! (I'm land-locked here in Missouri)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love it with the black!

Judie said...

You're back!!! Why didn't you let me know??? I love all your sea glass, and that project, Sunny. Can one buy sea glass, or is it only collected on the shore??