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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Going Shopping

 Where am I going today? Welllllllllllll...
Remember when we cleared some things out of the storage pod?
Here's a little secret: that stuff has to go somewhere.
 Why don't we just keep this between us?
 Let's face it, I'm not going anywhere.
We're hard at work shoveling our way out of this mess.
Frankly, I haven't felt truly organized since the fire (yes, I'm one of THOSE), and I tore everything
apart to put it back together with everything in its place.
The Minions are thrilled.
My husband is elated.
My mother is earning new nicknames uttered under my breath.
But this WILL get done.
There will be a few cool projects to show off next week in the name of organization,
and everyone is helping... long as this is your idea of helping.
Get your Feline Overlord furry tush off my surprise for the readers.

Going to the garbage, BRB. 
If not back, avenge death.

2 comments: said...

I believe is going to be awesome. Take it easy though and don't overdo it! I'm glad I read to the end because I kept thinking, she doesn't need more stuff at the moment...what could she be buying to help her with this? Silly me.

knuckstermom said...

I'm so glad you're back! You aren't really going to throw out those cute hi tops are you???