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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Garden Starters


 Slightly wrinkled tomatoes may be too weird to eat, but don't toss those babies!
 We're going to plant a few free veggies today.
Slice these wilted gems open and scoop out the seeds. 
And watch any other vegetables as you prepare dinner... these lovely chili peppers that are a future ingredient.
 There's nothing fancy needed. Just save a few egg cartons.
Poke holes in each compartment with a toothpick.
 Fill it with potting soil.
 No need to toss the lid, you can use that too.
Now just poke a hole in the soil, drop in a few seeds and lightly cover with dirt.
Tuck them in.
Set the trays in a sunny, protected spot.
Your kitchen is okay.
Mist the dirt lightly and have brief, polite conversations with them daily. No baby talk though, they hate that.
 The process is quick- within two weeks, we have the beginnings of a garden, all for nothing.
Remember, if you have tons of that white stuff outside,
you can pot your new plants and keep them indoors with you.
Let them watch TV with you, just be selective about the programming.
A quick paint job in Sunshine Yellow brings some discarded shelves back to life.
 Missed a spot.
 THERE we go.
 This will keep all of our new babies together and in a cheery environment.
It's important to keep the new plants happy.
We're being watched by The Kraken


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Sunny, you're a genius. Never thought to a) use egg cartons and b) use old veggies for seeds.

Love it so much I won't even give you a hard time about having Styrofoam egg cartons. Because now I see a good use for them. :)

Keri said...

Your kraken is looking a bit skinny! Did he have another run-in with pirates? Also, I don't know why I've never thought of harvesting the seeds from tomatoes - I have everything else!