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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Day

I don't know what New Year;s Day looked like outside your window, but here's a glimpse of ours.
 80 degrees and sunny, a perfect day for a walk by the water.

 We stopped in to see Sam's parents...
...whose memorial is right outside the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

 Not a bad view, eh?
I can't tell you how many tadpoles came home with us from here in Tupperware after picnics.
A new addition: bikes you can rent and leave when you reach your destination.
My destination would be about 5 blocks away.

 We have free jazz concerts here once a month.
Awful way to spend a Sunday, right?
How about a little wander though? I'm getting thirsty.

Nothing like a dog-friendly pub with a ringside seat for the yachts going by.

 Although everyone was in a good mood, we moved on to a more land locked spot to meet up with old friends for wings and Philly cheese steaks.
We may not go out New Year's Eve, but we definitely like to take advantage of
our surroundings the next day.
How's your weather?


Kim K. said...

We were greeted with our first snow storm yesterday. Our outside is definitely looking a bit different than yours. Thanks for the tropical tour!

kelly@tearinguphouses said...

my old neck of the woods! we used to live right there!

happy new year!

Heather said...

We've been having lovely weather here in So Cal. Today's supposed to get up to 85°. We may not have much greenery (among other things) but at least we have pretty darn good weather :) Looks like you guys had a wonderful day. Happy New Year!

Dharma said...

We have an extreme cold weather alert this morning....envy me. Happy New Year to you and the 2-Live Crew :) from the Hinterlands.....

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Our New Year's was a bit warm too. But we're right back at 26 degrees today :) I knew I should have painted something while the warm lasted this weekend! Ooops :)