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Monday, March 10, 2014

Inspiration Point: Wanna Come to a Party?

While I was remodeling my mother's house,
 one day, the van broke down and had to be towed to my mechanic's,
leaving me stranded at the condo.
Eventually, my buddy, Mark and I got hungry, so we decided to strike out on foot 
in the Spring dusk and see what the neighborhood had to offer.
Not 1/4 mile away we stumbled upon a strip mall with a little sports bar.
Since we're both former athletes and wing enthusiasts, this was an easy choice.
It turned out to be a Cheers situation.
And the bar is owned by a police officer and his wife,
it's frequented by the force,
so it's a very fun, safe atmosphere.
They also oblige me by stocking non-alcoholic beer.
We both hooked up with outside work and a social life from there.
The universe is a funny thing.
 Yesterday was the head bartender's baby shower.
 With 200 guests in attendance, everyone chipped in to decorate, cook,
bake, create, and general havoc ensued.
This was one of THREE buffets!
 Our mom-to-be's mother hand made all of the decorations.
I'd make a hoot pun here, but that's beneath even me.
Swagged banners sported the baby's name...
 ...and some very practical onesies.
This kid has clothes, let me tell you.
And shoes.
I bought seven pairs alone.
She's the Imelda Marcos of the drool posse.
 This is the gift table before the party started.
You heard me.
 I was privy to the theme in advance, so my package tie-on was a pink
washcloth owl puppet.
 The decorations weren't the owlnly
avian touches.
It took us a while to brave messing this arrangement up.
 Eventually, the call of provolone and salami proved too much.
 These were the table decorations.
Clever, inexpensive, easy, and what an impact!
 I have a question...
does anyone ever eat these?
 Every seat in the house was eventually filled,
the bar was packed, and outside tables were spilling over.
Now, this shindig was co-ed, so how do you get a bunch of cops, carpenters, 
pavers and painters to enjoy a pink party?
Oh, we have ways.
 You have your lovely bartender fill baby bottles with domestic draft...
 ...and then you get the guys involved in a bottle chugging competition!
I wasn't going to miss this spectacle for the world!  
 Our cheerful proprietress doled out the suds.
 I'm not sure I can ever face these guys again.
Mom was quite pleased with the soiree,
and Baby Amelia is set for her first months of being adored.
Lose the hat, Mom.

1 comment:

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

What a fun time for you! It's wonderful you became a part of this family. Looks like a very CREATIVE bunch!