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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Going Shopping

Not many people know, but I have an English degree.
 J actually wanted to be a writer.
 50 years ago, this would have meant that anything I penned would be
scrutinized, judged, and probably rejected, never seeing the light of day
or being presented to the public.
Now, through the miracle of the internet, 1000 people a day are subjected to my
drivel and are horrified by it so profoundly that comments elude them.
It's okay; I get it, I do.

I'm not going shopping today.
I'm going back to the house to paint trim, set nails, and putty holes.
You've watched me do this already.
Not one of you needs to see this again.
So instead, I'd like to inflate your desktop files with some of
my favorite memes, most of which stick to a literary theme.
Hence my previous boring rant; please see above.
Also see: smug.

Going to go inhale paint.
If not back, avenge death.


Michelle L. said...

I am never so horrified I am left without the ability to comment! The will, mebbe - but not the ability.

Love you, Sunny!

Kay said...

I'm not surprised you're an English major Sunny. Your excellent writing is one of the reasons I read your blog. That and your turn of phrase, timing, laugh-out-loud-humor, well, lots of reasons, come to think of it. But horrified? Not yet!

Love these! Especially i before e and Edgar Allen Poda.

Warm regards from one of the less-warm parts of the country,