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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask Part 43!

A moment of silence for the dearly departed...
R.I.P., Hideous Guest Bathroom.
 We knew you ever so briefly, and we're still sorry we did.
But here at
 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask!
we try not to dwell on the past.
Especially when the future's so bright, we gotta wear shades.
We taped off that bold, uninhibited stripe and slapped it on.

It was a two tone treat.

We decided we needed a 1" border to really accent it.
Do we like?
Well, we did too, but it was missing that special Life in Rehab touch.
You know...
Take a know, those90's things no one goes near anymore.
Level it.
Prepare to like them again.
Pour some of your accent wall paint on a plate.
This brush is just for stenciling.
The bristles are a column, and the end is flat.
Dip it in the paint and brush off the excess.
When you're done, brush it off again.
The word we're looking for here is DRY, Peeps.
POUNCE the paint on.
That's an up and down motion that doesn't give the paint a snowball's chance in hell 
of bleeding under the edges.
No, seriously, LOOK.
Use the design on your stencil to reposition the next set.
Just like that.
Then peel it off.
Is this hard to master?
I was yelling instructions to Savannah from the grouting process.
It's her first time working with a stencil.
And free.
You CAN do this.

It adds a custom look that's not over the top.

Are you going to try it?
Do it.
The Life in Rehab gang
you to!
Don't make us D-Double Dog Dare.


La Vie Quotidienne said...


Michael said...

VERY nice work, Sunny.... I'll be sure to bring my New York conservative shades, though, when I visit *smirks*

Anonymous said...

Wonderful colors, and the light fixture is hung perfectly.