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Monday, July 15, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask Part 47!

 The mudding and painting has been going well.
In fact, we were nearly finished. 
The finish line was in sight.
The project was two weeks from completion, and we were excited.
I touched up everywhere, and on a rainy, gray day, I moved into the master bedroom for a last coat.
 I felt paint splash my arm, but there was no color.
Then, I saw it.
Water on the floor.
 Trailing from the ceiling.
Running in rivulets down the trim.
Dribbling down the walls.
We cut the ceiling out to get a better look...
...yanked out all the insulation until it looked like a cotton candy
accident gone horribly wrong.
And we sort of felt the budget go out the window.
The roofer came by and without even going up there gave us an estimate of $900.
However, here at
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask!
we aren't gonna write that check.
Now, not being one to go down without swinging, I got a ladder.
Sometimes, the problem is blatantly evident.
I looked at the cracks and the flashing that had pulled away from the wall.
Not for roofs, people.
I walked the breadth of the thing, and while I saw places water could get in... was completely structurally sound.
So what does the average DIY enthusiast do?
We can fix this for about $40.

I've used this stuff before, and for simple repairs like this...
I climbed up and emptied 4 cans in layers on all of the dicey spots.
The result?
Tropical Storm Chantal hit Friday and Saturday.
Not one drop of water came in the house.
We're up on our roof this week doing a little leak-proofing too,
and if you need a recommendation...
LIR is behind this stuff 100%.


Michelle L. said...

Augggh, what a mess! So glad you were able to repair, so sorry you have to put it all back together again. But stuff like this will not stop the mighty LIRers!

Joy said...

Wondering how that stuff will hold up 'long term'. At any rate, good for you for taking care of the fix. Bummer all the repair work you have to do now, but that sometimes happens. BTW, that blue is such a beautiful color.