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Friday, July 13, 2012

Springboard Pieces.

 When the weather rolls in like this, there will be no playing outside.
 Which sometimes suits me just fine.
 Yesterday we threw together some candle holders to change up the look of the table.
I wasn't quite done of course.
As is, this would be a nice big slice of bland.
 I did have another bowl and a dinner plate, each only a buck at
your local Dollar Tree, and a bit more Goop.
 This is actually my preferred cake plate combination for showing up
with cookies, cupcakes, or canapes.
I'm not a fan of the popular plate plus a candlestick.
This is more versatile, and it doesn't tip over. 
 Not to mention it holds up to last year's rather hefty leaf hurricane.
Walmart still has this particular vase filler package if you're so inclined.
 This transitions nicely from Summer to Autumn,
and they've done the element matching for you.
 Leaves in a couple of shades and shapes,
glittered stones,
and frosted bits make a nice statement.
 So let's take those elements...
 And we'll put a little extra of the mix scattered in the smaller hurricanes to tie it all together.
  And a few bits for extra sparkle around the large plate.

 Add a blue candle and a little fire...
 ...and we have dinner ambiance.
Dinner at the table, together, is seven days a week, and it includes candles and music.
This is mandatory and not up for discussion.
 On the weekends, when we have cooking lessons,
the Minions are also encouraged to shop the house and create 
their own centerpieces and music mixes,
harmonizing with the cuisine.
 It's a great time for them to play with textures, heights, and everyday
items, making them work together in surprising ways.
We've had wooden rocking horses appear on the buffet.
 Now personally, I like where this eclectic blend of new additions and
past project. It made for a sparkling light to compliment dinner.
 It was simple and cheap to make.
It'll flow not only into Fall,
but it works with my Christmas colors as well.

 Different embellishments would change the look.

But we'll see how much of this stays on the table Sunday.
Would you guys be interested in seeing some of the Minions' 
imaginative offerings?
Perhaps grab your little Minions and play along?


lisbonlioness said...

Why, yes, of COURSE I wanna see minion shenanigans! No need to ask, really.
Love the matching hurricane, the whole setup would look ace on a really big table where each guest has his or her own mini- hurricane with big mama in the middle.
Received 3 parcels today, getting ready for the big showdown! :)

Della said...

I really like that matchy matchy thing you have going on. And old mixed with new for a complete look is too cool. I wonder what other embellies Wally has? Maybe something to match coral and aqua??? Hmmmm you've got me thinking, and that can be almost dangerous! You sure do make things look fun and doable!

Heather said...

Ooh...looks great!

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Oh yes....the minions please! These look great...and no surprise you made yesterdays great, look even better today! Managed to get a few things spray-painted today before the heat and humidity kicked into overload mode! I'm gearin up!

Michelle L. said...

I definitely want to see Minion shenanigans! I love that you all eat together with music and candles. Amazing family.

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