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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I {Heart} How Easy This Was

My family was equally pleased with the new tabletop,
and the fact that I'd found the Diablo Manual.
 But that's not where we're stopping.
After dinner, with the lights still glowing, I pulled out a few decorations.
 I nabbed these on clearance last year at Joanns,
but I saw something very similar at The Dollar Tree.
They're thin foam with sticker backs.
 These are foil cardstock hearts with ribbon hangers.
 So this is a simple idea, and we'll just throw it together.
You aren't going to need complicated instructions.


 I added a couple of glittery birds from Christmas for some extra sparkle.

 Simple, and not permanent.
Me and my commitment issues.
It makes a nice, loving statement on our table, a nightly reminder
that in my house, you're loved for who you are,
no matter how weird you might be.

And speaking of trees...
 ...remember this little creation in the kitchen for Christmas?
I got copied!
My real life best friend, Michael Reilly of New York, a Mister Mom and aspiring chef,
fell hard for my tree and whipped up his own version!
He wasn't able to find my plastic playset cookware
 (and trust me, we were texting like maniacs trying to track it down up there),
 so he did the next best thing...he ordered his 1:12 scale dollhouse pots and pans
online, picked up a tabletop tree at Home Depot,
and raided his local dollar store for red and green beaded garland.
All in all, he spent only about $20!
The part he likes best?
The whole thing went in a plastic bag and up to the attic for next year.

Anytime you do one of our projects, send me a photo and the details!
You did the off a little.


Unknown said...

Nicely done! The centerpiece is lovely.

Michael said...

Thanks again for the inspiration, Sunny... I've received nothing but compliments on my little baby ;-)

One thing I want to point out is that the nice small size of my tree will fit comfortably in most any kitchen. The tree is only 24" tall and a mere 10-11" at its widest, so it makes quite a statement without taking up a lot of space :-)

Blessed be,