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Monday, January 28, 2013

Branching Out

 I'm cleaning my room.
My mother has been storing a dresser in here, and by storing, I mean
Sam's clothes are in it.
It's moving with her though, and since it's heavy, dark, Early American
and not my style, I'm off scouring for something to take its place.
In the meantime, some stuff has got to go.
I planted these branches as an organizer for bracelets and sunglasses.
The it got moved so high, I have to jump to get a blue stretchy bangle.
You don't work here anymore. You're fired. Buh. Bye.
 My lovely icy tablescape had acquired some elements that
I know I didn't put there.
You also don't work here anymore. You're fired. Buh. Bye.
 Let's start over.
Enter my ceramic sweater vase gleaned on clearance at Target.
We'll just recycle those bare Wintery branches...
 ...and some lighted branches.
When you choose some, look for two things:
1. The fact that you can separate the branches, and
2. A flippin' clearance sticker. I'm not paying $10
 Insert the lighted branches in with the twigs.
As you bend and arrange, turn them on so you have a clear vision 
 of how it's turning out.
 Now tuck some scraps of paper in to anchor the arrangement.
 Tuck the wires out of sight, and add some black river rock to the top.
 Tweak it a little.
 Add a nice crisp, simple runner... the sweater hurricanes we made a few weeks ago...
 ...and I think we're good here! fold and buy these when they hit $6.
I'm weak, so weak. 
Now, let me get the rest of the dining room done.
You know that clutter in the background means I've been busy 
with fresh arrangements!
 Or it means I'm a crappy housekeeper.
 Let's go with genius blogger wallowing in creativity, shall we?


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