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Monday, January 14, 2013

Skirting the Issue

 Sink Skirts.
What a great idea.
I'd love to hide that gaping maw under my kitchen sink.
And I love the tension rod to hang spray bottles on, keeping them at my fingertips.
But can you combine the two ideas?
 If you skirt your sink, will the cleaning liquids leak and ruin the fabric
if you hang them on the rod?
And the time it takes to stitch a skirt!
The cost of the fabric!
What if you can't sew, you buy a $35 skirt, and you get bleach on it, and....and....
Pipe down, Besties.
For 5 bucks and 15 minutes, we have this covered.
 This fun little vinyl shower curtain came in a set for $3 at Deals.
 AND the coordinating rings were included!
 Measure your cabinet opening under the sink and decide on length.
I included a 2" clearance for the rod, and the length of the rings.
Mark the shower curtain from the top, fold in in quarters lengthwise,
measure and mark again just to make sure.
Now, simply cut across with sharp scissors.
Take your time and make a straight, smooth cut.
You will NOT be hemming this!
 You'll also need a tension rod.
This one is from Deals as well, $2.
Adjust the rod to fit the opening under your sink.
 Put the rings on the shower curtain and thread it onto the rod.
Pop that puppy under your sink to hide the disgusting jumble of crap you have yet to tackle.
 Hang the cleaning supplies, like glass cleaner and disinfectant spray,
that you reach for constantly.
You know the ones: they're generally sitting on the counter top?
 My Minions ACTUALLY hang the bottles now!
No washing, no staining, wipe clean, cheap, and it took mere minutes to do.
Until I get the new lower cabinets, this fix looks good, and just
imagine the possibilities in the bathroom for coordination.
$5 leaves a lot still in my budget for the rest of the things we're doing.


Unknown said...

Ah, there was a time (1930's, I think) that most cupboards and/or sinks were skirted- a lovely and easy fix! I like your updated use of materials, though- MUCH smarter than a cotton gingham! LOL

Michelle L. said...

Clevah, clevah! I am always excited to find new uses for cheap shower curtains, love this one.